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Tilt 2
HTC - Cell Phone

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This Cell phone is very convenient


My HTC ATT TILT cell phone is one of the best investments I have ever made.  Its a cell phone and a little laptop.  I use it for pretty much everything, I use it to tell time, I use it as an alarm to wake me up in the morning, I use it to remind me of certain events and special dates, I use it as a calculator, I have a GPS system in it so I use it to help me to get places that I am not familiar with.  I check my emails on there, I check my messages, my picture comments, my friend request, and I also update my status, all in face book from my phone, I make google searches, I check my online banking on it.  I sometimes use it to chat with in instant messenger, it takes pictures, I can make videos.  I can send and recieve pictures via text, and also can send and recieve videos.  I have a memory card in it so it can hold alot of memories. I listen to music on it like and MP3 player.  If you invest in one, you will not regret it. 

Orlando, FL


HTC Tilt 2, Lagging Behind the Competition


The HTC Tilt 2 was a recent offering by ATT into Windows Mobile. The Windows Mobile operating system has recently fallen behing in the mobile operating system wars to iOS (and more recently Android). The Tilt 2 looked to compete by offering a full keyboard and a screen that tilts up, allowing you to sit the phone on a table and watch a clip or text. Where this phone fails drastically is the Windows Mobile operating system. Everything, from HTC Sense to the browser, is very laggy. The touch screen is very unresponsive, even when using the included stylus. The phone oftentimes freezes, requireing a reboot. So while the design is nice, the software itself makes the phone practically unusuable and unintuitive. I cannot recommend it.

Potomac, MD


HTC Tilt 2, Very Slow and Unappealing Interface


I usually wouldn't go for such a phone, but I am forced to use a Windows Phone for my work and this was what was provided to me. With regards to hardware, the phone is very solidly built. The screen slides up to reveal a nice and clicky QWERTY keyboard that is a joy to type on. This, however, is where the praise stops. The phone itself is pretty bulky, which matched the performance of Windows Mobile. Animations are not fluid at all. And although HTC sense is an ok skin, it is a pain to go in and out of sense and regular Windows Mobile when wanting to do much of anything. Also at times, the screen freezes up when a call comes in, not allowing me to slide to answer (must use the hardware button). This also results at times in the caller ID not being displayed, which proves to be a huge inconvenience. Additionally, the browser is very much lacking and difficult to navigate, mych like everything else on Windows Mobile. Would never use if I didn't have to.

Columbia, MD


My HTC Tilt 2 phone has become indespensable.


After reviewing the options I recently purchased an HTC Tilt-2 phone. At first I was a little leary of the price differences with so many promotions going on, but liked the features and expandable memory. It took me just 2 days to fall in love with my HTC phone. I use it daily for work, pleasure and have found that no matter what issue I have with it there is an answer FAST online or from my service provider. This phone is well worth the investment and fun as a bonus.

Cache, OK


Most awesome phone I have ever owned


The HTC Tilt2 Windows Mobile 6.5 Pocket PC smartphone is coolest phone in the world. It has a full, slide out QWERTY keyboard and a screen the size of an iPhone. The screen tilts up so the phone sits like a mini laptop on a flat surface. There are very few things this phone cannot do. The web browsing is close to identical of that on a regular PC. With Opera Mobile, it even supports Adobe Flash content. I have added a 8 gb HDSD micro flash storage card and loaded a ton of software. I can perform screen captures. I can play my music pretty loudly in stereo without earphones. I can add any music I download with my Napster To Go account. I have installed a WIFI router from Handango that allows up to five WIFI connections from nearby WIFI devices, including a laptop. AT&T offers free WIFI connections at all their network WIFI hotspots like Starbucks and McDonalds. I can even connect a cable that attaches to my TV and surf the web using my TV as the video monitor, giving my eyes a break from the small screen. Using an external bluetooth keyboard, my Tilt2 can become my new PC! I love this phone!

Huntsville, TX


Full-featured Windows Mobile 6.5 Smartphone


The Tilt 2 is one of the new generation of Windows Mobile 6.5 SmartPhones.  I had trouble with the soft keys on the Pure, and the wider screen on the Tilt 2 resolved that.  Plus, having the hard keys available makes this a great device if you are looking for an "office on the go".  It includes the Office Mobile apps, and is the first phone that made OneNote mobile a killer app for me.  The camera is high quality as well.  The Pure had a 5Mp camera, and the Tilt 2 has only a 3.2Mp.  But the pictures seem to come out as nicely as the Pure.  I thought that there would be a way to post a picture directly to Facebook or Spaces, etc.  As of yet, I have not figured out if that is possible. The reason that they call this the Tilt is that the slide-out keyboard tilts to face you.  It makes the unit feel like a tiny netbook in your hands.  This makes it a pretty comfortable experience if you do a lot of email on your phone.  I honestly wouldn't say that this is the number one feature of the phone, but it is really nice to have.  It is also nice for web browsing.  For some reason, they ship it with both the Opera browser and Internet Explorer.  I prefer the experience of IE on the unit, and the way it autoconfigures the page for the screen.  There is a nice little zoom strip under the screen that enables me to enlarge parts of the web page.  Very useful. I also have used it to view video, something I have not done before on a mobile phone.  I was suprised at the quality of the streaming media on it. Overall, it is a well made, high quality device.  The screen is big and easy to view.  They keyes are just the right size and economically laid out.  The speaker is clear, as is the mic. Overall, great phone.

Chicago, IL


HTC - Cell Phone

3.8 6