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HTC 8525
HTC - 8525 Cell Phone

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I don't know how I managed without this phone!


I've had my HTC Imagio cell phone now for about 3 months.  I switched from the LG Dare, which I really liked.  I was worried that the touch screen wouldn't be as responsive but the Imagio screen is great.  It's a little heavier than the Dare, but the functionality is ten times better.  I now have FM Radio! I can listen to the radio while I run, which I couldnt' do with my other phone.  I also have the ability to watch television on this phone!  If I have a bored child in the car, I can turn on Nickelodeon and they can watch Spongbob Squarepants!  The keyboard takes some getting used to since it's a little bit narrower than the Dare, but if you turn the phone sideways, the keyboard is a lot easier to use.  The weather application is incredible.  It will update itself to the location you are at via GPS and update you on the current and furture conditions.  You can also save other cities to see what the weather is like there.  Over all, I cannot say enough good things about this cell phone.


Norfolk, VA


Do not buy it... It drops calls for no reason at all.


The 8525 has been the worst phone I have ever owned.  It drops calls left and right even when showing full signal.  It randomly switches it self back to default ringtones ect.  It sometimes can't find the memory card (thanks windows).  Don't buy it unless youare extremely tech savy and brave enought to flash the rom and start over.


Indianapolis, IN


HTC - 8525 Cell Phone

3.5 2