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HSBC Bank - Weekend MasterCard

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HSBC does not honor the terms of their own Weekend card!


I have had this HSBC Weekend card for eighteen months now. It is called the Weekend Card because it earns 2% cashback on purchases made using the card on Saturdays and Sundays. Purchases made the rest of the week earn 1% cashback. The first four months I had this card, my monthly statements reflected the 2% cashback earned for all the weekend purchases. Then, since the fifth month till now, all purchases are only earning 1% cashback, regardless of whether they are made on the weekend or on weekdays. I began calling HSBC customer service after receiving my fifth monthly statement. The representative will acknowledge my claim and state that they will submit my claim to their rewards department. I've done this every month for over a year and they always say my next statement wil reflect the correction and I will receive the credit. I never receive any follow up calls or letters from HSBC regarding my complaints. The corrections never appear on the statements. And ususally, each month I call, the representative has no record of my past complaints!

Huntsville, TX


HSBC Bank - Weekend MasterCard

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