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HSBC Bank - Visa Card

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HSBC Bank Visa - Highly Unethical Practices!


We purchased a quad bike from a local cycle store but didn't have the cash to pay for it, so we accepted the invitation to apply for instore credit. The credit was with HSBC - I had never had an account with them prior to this so had no reason to doubt their ethical practices. We gratefully accepted a special deal of 3.99% over a two year period and was promised this special promotional rate would last the entire duration of the loan so long as we paid it off in total by the expiration date. A few months into the visa loan, we received a statement which was in a new format. I took the time to read the small print, as I always do and was shocked that it stated our promotional rate was due to expire in 6 weeks and after that, we would revert to a considerably higher rate. I could not believe that our promotional rate had changed from the two years we agreed to just four months so wrote a letter of complaint enclosing a copy of our original documents which clarified our agreement. They wrote back confirming our original agreement, but didn't apologise for the error on the statement. So this begs the quesiton - how many of you read the small print? If I hadn't notice their error, I would have ended up paying $800 more than we'd agreed at the outset of the loan. I will never do business with HSBC again.



They are not willing to work with you.


It does not matter if you have never missed or been late on a payment or if you have always either paid more than the minimum or paid off the balance in whole. If they choose to lower your credit limit they and will with no consideration.

Kingstree, SC


where is my wife, oops my credit card


Credit card is the new mode of cash nowadays. Credit card is a luxury, a necessity, a mode of payment, a saviour in tough times and a shopping tool. It seems too beautiful to be true?? . Yes, it has its disadvantages. Acquiring a credit card is easy, you have a job that can secure your expenses. Go to a bank with youy monthly wage slip or proof of wages being paid. Complete the application forms and get it. You are now ready for a new adventure. With the card, you can pay your shoppings, no need for instant cash. Shop throuth the internet. ENSURE to get transactions done on internet via securised agents, like PAYPAL. The credit card will just change your life to a new horizon. However, having credit card can get you addicted to online shoppings without letting you realise that all purchases being done must be paid through your current account or savings account. Late payments of credit card amount due leads to high interest being added to your account. I hope my review will be beneficial to all readers. " SPEND WISELY" Yusuf  

La Plata, PR


HSBC has great customer service


I currently have three credit cards with HSBC and I am very satisfied with the service I receive from them. I have had many occasions where I have had to call on all three cards to have incorrect charges removed from my statements and they are always couteous and take the charges off immediately. I would recommend this credit card to all my friends. They are also very good about taking off any over the limit charges that I might have due to bogus charges and any interest. They were the first to give me a credit card after I had a divorce and bankruptcy and I am truly appreciative of this as They have been a major factor in the rebuilding of my credit which was excellent before the life events. They also allowed me to skip a payment on my cards for my 50th birthday which came at a very critical time for me as my mother had died the month before they let me skip the payments. very helpful.

Fernandina Beach, FL


HSBC Just want their money.


When I first received my credit card to help build credit, I was excited and feeling like a real grown up. As time went by, I used my visa credit card to make small purchases and I would pay it off when I got paid. I would also use the visa credit card to pay bills and make larger purchases. I always made my payments early and on time. I even got the credit protection that is to help keep protect your credit if you lose your job. I paid my "account secure" faithfully, just in case I ever needed it. I never thought I would but better safe than sorry. Well, It happened, I lost my job. I didn't think it would be for a long period of time but it has been a year. I called HSBC to let them know what happened because I was struggling to keep up with my bills, buy grocery and maintain a meek standard of living. I was told to contact "account secure" and file a claim. I did and was denied because I didn't report it within the alloted time frame of becoming unemployed. Although, I paid on time until I could no longer afford to pay, I was denied. I was infuriated. What is the purpose of have "account secure" if it is not there when you need it.

Hinesville, GA


HSBC Bank - Visa Card

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