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HSBC Bank - Gold Visa Card

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Convenient card


When I first met my husband, this was his credit card of choice. It had no fancy frills, but also did not cost anything to have. He had fantastic credit, and always paid it down. Once we got married and had our first child, his spending got out of control. The balance on the card started getting higher and higher, but luckily he had a low rate. When I lost my job and it became harder to make ends meet, we started getting hit with some gnarly late fees, which I understand, but they were REALLY high even for credit card companies. After a few phone calls, and faxing them a copy of our marriage certificate, they finally allowed me to work with them on payment plans. Once they understood our situation they were very accomodating. We will be finished paying off our balance in a couple more months, and I think the card is going to stay on the shelf since we are doing much better without the mountain of credit card debt over us. As a card however, the customer service was top notch, and they really seemed to understand that we WANTED to pay for what we spent using their card, but we were in a tough spot at that current time.



I love my HSBC credit card!!


I have had my HSBC credit card since 2006 and the card has many benefits. I applied for the card through Sallie Mae, the company who also had my student loan. When I first received the card I was skeptical because I know how easy it is to get into credit card debt and I was in the process of fixing my credit. I enjoy the benefits of having this card because it helps you rebuild your credit by reporting to the major credit bureaus every month. I have a low APR on all charges and a reasonable monthly credit limit. There are no monthly maintenance fees, which most credit card companies charge. There is a system limit which allows you to go over your limit without having a late fee, at a certain limit of course. The card has many benefits including cash advance in case you have an emergency, online bill payment and account maintenance and an awesome customer service team. The online service allows you to setup a profile to pay your account and you can setup more than one payment source to use each month. I have paperless bills and e-mailed reminders to let me know when it is time to pay my card. I love this card so much that I ended up opening a online savings and checking account with HSBC. I am also looking into some day having a mortgage with this company. Overall I love this card.

Palatine, IL


HSBC Bank - Gold Visa Card

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