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HS Automotive Accessories -- EuroBlast Compact Twin Air Horn

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Euro Blast Air Horn


I'm writing about the EURO BLAST air horn for motorcycles, i had 2 problems with this unit, 1st when i stopped at red light i would hear excessive rattling, it took me a few mins to figure out what the problem was, to top plastic cover over compressor was loose, i put velcro on inside of cap, 2nd after only a few rides on motorcycle i tried using horn because someone pulled in front of my motorcycle, the compressor just made spooling up noise similar to a soft whistle, i look at the unit after stopping and noticed the horn portion fell off, leaving just compressor. I tried contacting EURO BLAST they never replied

South San Francisco California


This Redneck will be heard when it counts the most!


Anyone that owns a motorcycle knows the frustration when they hit that horn button, it is not very loud at all. Since cars are getting more sound proof each year it continues to get more dangerous for the motorcycle rider as cars cannot hear our horn. I have had many times been completely ignored when I sound my horn at a car cutting me off. It is bad enough many do not see us but they don't hear us either and that is a major ***Safety Issue***! I have made many changes on my [V Star][1] since I bought it and many have been safety related changes. I added [Cobra exhaust pipes][2] to give myself not only good looks but a louder sound to help me be heard. I added [LED Lights][3] to help be seen as well and like most riders I use my High Beams during the day to help me be seen by others. My latest addition was a new horn that will not go unnoticed! I looked at many loud horns and then did research on them to make sure that not only would it last but that it would work on the wiring on motorcycles. You see motorcycles don't use a horn relay (a wiring safety device to prevent overloads on the electrical circuit) and use smaller gauge wires on the horn. In researching I found horror stories of electrical fires and melted wiring on many bikes or horns that just didn't perform as they should. I finally found one that got good reviews and didn't cost an arm and a leg either. *Note: the smaller the number on the wire the larger the gauge! So 16 gauge wire is larger than 20 gauge wire.* ***HS Automotive Accessories EuroBlast Compact Twin Air Horn - 12 Volt***This horn was originally made for ***Italian Police Motorcycles*** and is rated at ***139 Decibels***, motorcycle horns are around 75 to 85 decibels. These have the classic hi-lo ***European*** sound to them. To give you an idea of what certain sounds are rated at here are a few examples:A whisper is 15 decibelsA lawnmower is 90 decibelsA car horn is 110 decibelsA rocket or jet engine is 120 decibelsI don't think I will have any problems being heard in traffic anymore with this new horn....lol Anyway I found this ***EuroBlast Horn*** on Ebay and although I could have bought a Wolo Horn here locally the price was comparable and the Wolo is only rated at 120 decibels, so I opted for the louder one. The horn measures 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" and is about 2" thick, although much bigger than the stock horn, it fits with no problem and does not interfere with the operation of the moving parts of the bike.**Intallation**Here it got a little tricky but not the horn itself, it was the mounting that gave me a fit. The only suitable place to mount this was the same place the stock horn sat and the mounting bracket was too flimsy to hold the stout 2 1/2 pound horn. So off to the hardware store I went and I got myself a length of 1" x 1/8" steel stock. I then measured the length I needed and cut 2 pieces, drilled my mounting holes and then painted them black. I could have used 1/4" plate but they didn't carry it that thick. I also needed a longer bolt with lock washers as the original bolt was not long enough. They also recommend that wire be no smaller than 16 gauge wire to prevent damage or an electrical fire. I went with 14 gauge wire as I already had a roll and it is easy to work with as well. I also used crimp fittings to make all my connections and zip ties to secure the wire to my frame. It made for a very neat installation and the wires are now hidden.After the paint dried it took me about 5 minutes to mount my horn in place. Next I needed to run new wires for my horn, even though I used the 2 original horn wires. I also needed to install a horn relay (came with my horn) to insure I didn't damage my wiring on my motorcycle. I also installed an inline 20 amp fuse for the horn right off the positive side of my battery. I also grounded the horn to the frame right at the horn. It took me about 10 minutes to run and secure the wires that I ran to the horn relay and then to the horn itself. Then to tidy things up a bit I colored the wires black to blend in and not be seen.Now for the moment of truth.....I turned on my key and gave the horn button a push.....***WOW!!!!!!!!*** was it ever ***LOUD***, the 2 tone horns screeched to life and I knew they were not going to be ignored as my stock horn was. I went for a ride to test them even further. I went past a farmer in his field about 100 yards off the road. With me doing 65 mph he turned and looked my way when I blasted my new horns!I also got on the Interstate and waited for some idiot to try and cut me off and it didn't take very long at all. I already had my thumb poised on my horn button and when the car started into my lane I gave him a blast of my horn. The car quickly went back over and gave me a ***"Oh I'm Sorry I didn't see you look"***! Now I was happy I can be heard at highway speeds and I feel much safer now!**Bottom Line**The old saying that ***"Children should be seen and not heard"*** is bunk and I never believed it anyway. With my new horns on my V Star ***this Kid will be Seen and Heard!!*** I never understood why motorcycle horns (85% anyway) are so weak. The only good horns are on the more expensive Touring bikes a a select number of the Harley's out there. Altogether I spent $60 for my horn and bracket material and I feel it was well worth what I spent. It took less than 30 minutes to replace my weak factory horn with one that is louder and therefore safer on the road. This horn will even work on cars and trucks if you desire a louder horn.Although I love my new ***Euroblast*** horn it has a few plastic parts that are chromed and with it being exposed it may chip over time. With that being said I am knocking one star off the rating. They have chrome paint but it will be a hassle to remove it, repaint it and then put it back on.****** [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Yamaha-V-Star-650-Classic-2008-Motorcycle-review-6c2c3 [2]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Cobra-Slip-on-Slash-Cut-Exhaust-Pipes-review-fb7c2 [3]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Scootworks-Auxilliary-Light-Switch-review-d5165

Vincennes, IN


HS Automotive Accessories -- EuroBlast Compact Twin Air Horn

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