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HP Pavilion a6242a desktop computer

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I loved my hp pavilion from the start, I have had problems tho


  I've loved my hp computer since day one. However, I had a hardware issue. Luckily, I paid for the extended warranty and they fixed it after several heated calls. I'm still having software issues. My computer is sluggish and is unresponsive at times. I love my computer but I'm getting little help trying to get it running properly. I contacted hp and they were very friendly and tried to be helpful but thought the problem was one thing but it was another. I have antivirus and antispyware and run update as they become available and run a cleaner but am still having problems with it operating properly. I have hardly used any of the 3072 megabytes of memory. It's nice that it has so much system memory so you have no problem downloading anything you may need or want. The vista operating system is great as it find hardware automaticly without having to download the drivers. You just plug in any device you want and it seeks and finds you drivers automaticly. No hassles!!! Awesome feature for those who have trouble keeping up with driver discs. It also automatically finds your internet connections. No need for special discs or having to have someone come to install them for you. just plug her up and she's ready to go. The graphics are also very awesome...TOP NOTCH!!! All in all I'm very satisfied with my hp pavillion. If I could just figure out what's slowing it down I'd be 100% satisfied.

Owensboro, KY


HP Pavilion a6242a desktop computer

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