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HP p6310f desktop computer

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Pavilion has a lot going on


Not knowing much about computers, I had let the a salesman help me pick out the HP Pavilion I ended up buying.  The salesman that sold me my computer told me that this particular model was way more computer than I would ever need.  I liked the idea of that, and it ended up being true.  There are so many programs that the computer came with, most of them media related.  I enjoy myself everyday learning about my computer and its capabilities.  I have done so much with the picture programs, that I have not gotten to the movie editing yet.  Trust me, my daughter's early childhood will be well documented because of this Mediasmart thing  All the disc drives are simple to use.  Windows 7 is great once you get use to it. Windows7 and the whole format of my computer now feel like second nature.  I did have a problem with the initial setup, and that was because of a bad internet connection.  We fixed that, and then finally I could use my new computer.

Oswego, NY


great bang for your buck


Still playing with it.  Haven't put everything on it that I want, i.e. software for work, play, etc.  One problem I have found that I am not too happy about but can live with is that the power on/off button is located on top of the case in front.  I have twice accidently turned the pc off because of it.  I am going to have to reprogram that to not do anything. Other than that, I bought it because I wanted it, not because I needed it.  

San Antonio, TX


Great machine for home use


 This machine is truly a great buy. The first thing I want to say is that it has a 1tb hard drive which in today's computing has become an essential. I've already stored hundreds of pictures and videos and I still got 83% left. Another great thing about this thing is that it has a speedy processor. I do many multitasking from rendering videos to editing photos and so far this machine has shown no lag. In fact it is very responsive and using it is a huge upgrade from my previous system. One feature I like in particular is the machines body stylish design. It looks very elegant with its black gloss finish. Also the power button is  a nice blue which looks cool in the dark. I actually opened up the machine to take a look inside and it is very roomy giving all the components pleanty of cooling room. also it would be very easy to upgrade the comuter or to add various devices. Overall i recommend this pc to any home user with moderate cpu usage

North Canton, OH


HP p6310f desktop computer

4.0 3