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HP inch LCD Monitor

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Hewlett Packard so you can see from way backer (back here)


I received this HP S2031 20" LCD Monitor for my birthday. I have been utelizing it for 3 weeks and I am here to tell you...I will NOT go back to a bulky boxed monitor. This is like being at the drive in. Yes, I am aware there are bigger monitors out there but this is perfect. I don't have to squint to see, even when the type is small. I did have to adjust the settings on my desktop to accomodate the dimensions, but that was pretty easy to do. It has devices to connect to different connections depending on your type of computer. VGA & DVI-D. It's slim and remarkable. The base is a bit flimsy for my liking, but I don't think Hewlett Packard manufactures items with multi feline households. However, I think that is a suggestion they should consider. You can tilt it to your level. The buttons are hidden under the bottom and are easily accessible but not easily turned off when you accidently hit the button like they have out front on those big boxy bulky monitors. While viewing content online nothing is stretched or shortened like you see in wide screen stuff. I'm a very happy camper. And I know Hewlett Packer is a good company that makes durable, long lasting dependable products. Thumbs up HP! Display Quality Still has great color and viewing quality.

Everett, PA


Amazing monitor


Wow! This monitor is really really good! Very impressed and happy wth it! The 1600x900 resolution is awesome! The first few times I used it, it seemed more like a 25" rather than a 20"! Have you ever wanted to play awesome games in stunning detail? This is the monitor to get! It's a lot cheaper than other monitors also! I got this because I broke my old 17" which was not very good at all. I spent nearly no money on this! They pratically paid me to take it! And I am so impressed with this! It's very slim also! But it does not have speakers, but easily fix that by using some USB speakers. When they ship it to you though, there's this sticker on the top of it that's very hard to get off, and you have gotten it off, it leaves behind a really annoying sticky residue that I spent nearly an hour trying to get off... but other than that this monitor is GREAT! Great buy! Get it now! Again, another awesome product from HP!

Topeka, KS


Great monitor--I'll definitly buy HP products again.


I recently bought this monitor after the screen on my laptop died. I love it! The picture quality is great--I didn't know what I was missing before. Things are crisp and clear. I was afraid that the picture might get distorted since this is a wide screen, but I've not seen any of that at all. The only quibble I have is that it might be a little *too* high quality. I had a very hard time finding a background image that didn't appear grainy or pixelated since it requires a higher resolution. I also love how thin this monitor is. I have very little space on my desk, and I was worried about placing a monitor on it. However, the thinness goes a long way towards saving room. You can push it back farther, as well, without sacrificing being able to see clearly, which is nice. I still have room to write on my desk without moving the monitor at all. I would definitly reccomend this monitor to you if you're looking for a new one.

Gettysburg, PA


HP inch LCD Monitor

5.0 3