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HP iPAQ Classic Pocket PC

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Neat for its time


We had one of these several years ago, before the iPad and Kindle/Nook/eReader craze. It was easy to use and functional for having internet on the go. For its time, it was a good product. The stylus conveniently slipped into the top of the iPaq so that it would not get lost.

Asheboro, NC


Geat if you don't want a smartphone


It seems everyone has a smartphone these days with mobile internet access and apps galore.  I for one have not yet given in to the excessive charges required for such mobility.  Instead, I decided to find a PDA that could fill all the functions I need.  The IPaq 111 was pretty much the only affordable option.  I like the Windows Mobile interface, probably because Windows is what I am used to.  It is nice to be able to load Word documents and PowerPoint presentations on it for viewing.  It's not good for editing documents, but works well just for viewing.  It is WIFI capable which can be handy.  The processor is definitely slower than most things available these days, but it works for me.  I actually use it a lot for the reference materials that can be loaded onto it.  I work in the medical field and most the references and tools I need are available in a format that will work on this device.  Overall, you just need to know what it is that you need.  If this device fits the bill, it is quality.

Forest Grove, OR


Keeps me connected


I fell in love in pocket pcs and recently received this one as a's like a part of me, I can do almost anything and am able to load lots of free applications to give me CLOSE to what I get from laptop/desktop.  Love to play my games on this and Great for travel, I take it with me everywhere

Philadelphia, PA


I love this thing!


I had to get a PDA for some software we need to be using in pharmacy school.  I went to the software site, and blessedly found that I could buy a great PDA pre-loaded and ready to use "out-of-the-box".  This is definitely a type of purchase I would endorse.  I have enjoyed my PDA and had no problems with it whatsoever.

Knoxville, TN


HP iPAQ Classic Pocket PC

4.8 4