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HP desktop computer

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Good for the price!


I purchased the Hewlett Packard computer about a year ago.  So far I have no complaints.  It runs very quietly.... I leave it on all the time and I can't tell it's on.  It comes with a flat screen monitor which I love!  We had the big bulky kind before so this was really an upgrade for us.  It has a lot of memory in it, so there's plenty of room to store all my pictures of my 6 kids, plus all the documents we always have going on.  We haven't had any problems with buttons sticking on the keyboard like the 1 review said, so maybe their's was faulty??  The only thing I don't like is the volume on the speakers!  We like to listen to talks and music online and it makes it kind of hard when you can barely hear it.  You can hear just fine if you're right beside the computer, but if you walk a few feet away, you have to strain to hear.  I haven't looked into it too much, so maybe I could fix that problem as well.  Overall I'm happy! 

Shermans Dale, PA


HP 2009m is a good desktop to have at home.


I bought this computer for personal use and for homework.  I can honestly say this was a good investment because I was able to upload all my pictures and transfer them to cd's as well as print and edit them.  My 2yr old loves watching movies and he can easily do that on the 20" screen that this HP 2009m provides.

Los Angeles, CA


HP desktop computer

5.0 2