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HP Wireless Mouse

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Good for everyday use


Ive been using this for about two months and its been working everyday. It's very comfortable and fits right into my hand. Performance No lag time for whenever i click the left or right mouse button. Durability I've accidently spilt water on it and it still works perfectly Design i like the design and how it is designed for your hand. It comes naturally



Wireless Mouse works perfectly!


I have now been using this mouse for over 2 years and have not had a single problem or fault with it. In that time I have replaced the AA batteries once! Goes to show the great battery life. It has a feature where it sleeps if not touched for a short while, which seems to work well. It connects seemlessly with my Lenovo ThinkPad R61 via Bluetooth and reconnects every time the computer is turned back on. I LOVE being able to connect via Bluetooth, not only are there no wires but none of my USB ports get taken up by one f those silly USB wireless connectors like on other wireless mice. The mouse has lots of settings to adjust the sensitivity of tracking and the roller ball. I have mine set fairly high for both and it makes browsing and every day usage very quick and nimble. The mouse is very precise using a mouse pad, and even times when I've used it on other surfaces it seems to respond better than competitors. To top it off, It comes with an extra decorative piece to choose your look. Overall this is the best mouse I have ever used and will continue to use as long as HP keeps making them!!

West Lafayette, IN


HP Wireless Mouse

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