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HP ProBook 6545 Notebook PC

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very good



HP ProBook 6545 is great for students on the go


I received the HP ProBook 6545 for Christmas. As a third-year graduate student, I needed a new laptop and HP really delivered. Wi-Fi and WLAN ensure my connectivity everywhere I go. The computer came with Windows 7 (so much better than XP) and is lightweight, good-looking, and worry-free. The only wrinkle has been the battery life. With two to three applications running (Kindle for PC, Internet, and either Powerpoint or Word) at all times, the computer runs out of battery power by the end of my usual 4 hours on campus. In most of my classrooms, sitting near an outlet requires major craning of the neck to see the board.

Cardiff By The Sea, CA


HP Probook is top of the line for the price!!


The HP Probook is a very nice laptop considering how much it costs. It is a nice satin silver finish with black parts on it. It doesn't attract fingerprints which is nice. It comes with a regular sized trackpad, microphone port, headphone port, VGA output, eSATA port, DisplayPort, 3 USB 2.0 ports, a serial port, and a LAN 10/100/1000 port. It has nice toich buttons inside the lid above the keyboard. These features are great because they allow quick-access to different commands. I mostly use them for changing the volume, I still haven't figured out how to assign custom function to them but I know it's possible. This laptop is quite fast for a portable computer. I am able to run most all of my applications that I do on my dual-core desktop. This PC also has a built in WiFi card that support the new Wireless N signal. Battery life is not bad, it's what you would expect for most laptops but you can buy a bigger battery if you want more PC time on the go. The built quality is quite sturdy, it doesn't feel too flimsy at all. The only part that feels a bit weak is the top screen half. Because it's just plastic it actually BENDS if you flex it a little bit. I think they should have used some sort of metal reinforcement. The notebook is also very lightweight. I've had other laptops that were MUCH heavier. This is great if you need to carry it around with you a lot. Overall this is a great laptop that looks sleek and has some great features that are quite recent like the e-SATA port. However there is no USB 3.0

New Freedom, PA


HP ProBook 6545 Notebook PC

4.7 3