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HP Presario Notebook PC

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pc hp


nice i love my pc hp i'm very happy




i can't live without this pc


I loved this computer At first glance, it helped me a lot in the study, and I want to buy another copy of it to my brother I would like to thank the manufacturer because it is actually a powerful device


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Provides basic features at a cost of horsepower.


This laptop provides the user with basic productivity, but lacks in hardware.  The memory is insufficient and upgrades only to a maximum of 1 GB.  It doesn't have great graphic performance.  There is no advanced security features.  I could go on and on about all that it is lacking, but here are some of the good:- Wireless G NIC for wireless networking- Monitor expansion available- Battery-saving measures (cutting the processor clock to reduce usage)- USB 2.0 High SpeedIf all you need to do on a computer is basic tasks, this will suffice.


Saint Louis, MO


Top performance in a pretty package


This great little laptop performs circles around models that cost twice as much.  I like the fact that this computer was affordable enough to make me comfortable carting it to the far corners of the globe without feariing the loss of an expensive asset.  But its performance is strong and reliable - equal to any of its more expensive peers.


Alexandria, VA


I love this thing!


A great lap top. It can be used for anything. It is great for online gaming and everything else. I have had my lap top for 2 years now and it has only had one virus. This computer at times can be a little slow, so it needs to be updated frequently. This is the only lap top that I have ever had, so I can not tell you that it is the best out of all the lap tops, but it is one of the best that I have ever used.


Pelion, SC


The little laptop that could. Pushed to its limits, it held up.


**Quick View **This is a great choice for occasional use, travel, or for students. It has held up well to my constant use but really isn't made to be used daily as a desktop replacement as I have used it for. It hasn't failed me though and the few times I have had issues (The power supply and the keyboard), it was fixed and sent back to me in one day. A reliable, reasonably priced notebook. **Full View **I bought my **Hewlett Packard Presario m2105us PC Notebook** a couple of years ago when my much more expensive Gateway notebook died after being exposed to magnets. (Darn kids!). I only wanted an inexpensive travel and occasional use notebook but I ended up using this thing as a desktop replacement when my good desktop computer shut down and never turned back on again. It has been a workhorse despite the wear and tear I put on it. **Quick Specs** Matte black case with grey interior. Grey keybard with black lettering. Just as pictured in the photo below. 1.4 inches tall, 13.5 inches wide, 11 inches deep, and around six and a half pounds. Not the smallest or lightest notebook but I wanted durability not a tiny thing that wouldn't hold up. The screen is a 15 inch XGA TFT and glossy. There are seven USB ports and all the usual slots you need for all the usual things (computer savvy, aren't I?). This has a 24XCD burner and DVD player and a 40 gig hard drive. Ironically, the specs on the computer say it is has a 55 gig hard drive and I still have plenty of space left despite saving everything including photos. It runs at 1.6 ghz with an AMD Processor. It also has a wireless card built in which works like a dream. The keyboard is springy and easy to use but, after tons and tons of use, the keys tend to stick now and then. I don't think this would happen to anyone using this machine the way they should. The mouse is a touch pad one and quite easy to get used to. The computer came with 256 mgs of memory but I added another 512 mgs of memory when I bought it. I strongly believe in lots of memory and a couple of years ago, that was! The battery lasts a couple of hours. It's unspectacular as far as use length but I never use the machine on battery for more than a few minutes at a time. The machine came with Microsoft Works, Windows XP Home Edition, and a bunch of other software for the CD burner, DVD player, and other functions as well as the usual junk they throw on the hard drive that you have to delete. A good manual makes the machine complete and an excellent warranty is worth its weight in gold. I have to say, HP has amazing customer service when you can understand what the reps are saying. I believe they outsource their customer service department to India or somewhere. But repairs are super fast (one day turnaround!), very, very easy, and hassle free. Phone support is OK but the language barrier can be frustrating. **My Use **I have used this **Compaq Presario M2000 PC Notebook** for almost two years and it has been through all sorts of situations. The poor thing is not made to be pounded on for hours and hours a day but that is how I have used it for at least 16 months. Day after day, I turn it on when I get up and off when I go to bed. In between, I am typing on it. The screen is bright and vivid and can be pushed to 2048x1563 but I keep it set on the standard 1024x768. Everything is sharp and large enough to read. I have had as many as eight or nine programs running at a time - two or three different browsers, Works, MSN mail and MSN messenger, and other things all at once and didn't experience any crashing or locking up. As far as the wireless part of the machine, once I got it to work (I had a few issues with it at first but it turned out to be my router was not configured right), the computer is instantly hooked to the net wherever I am in the house and even in my backyard. I have used the wireless option exclusively since I got it and it seems to be able to find a signal almost anywhere. Hotels, motels, even restaurants pose no problem for the wireless card. The only place I am stuck is when I go to the mountains where they barely have internet service of any kind. I have used my cell phone as a dial up source a time or two and that worked fine, albeit slower. I honestly don't have any complaints about this machine. It is wearing out a bit after so much use and the touch pad is showing some wear. The keyboard isn't quite as bouncy as it used to be and keys want to stick here and there. I don't fault the machine. I think any machine would tire after so much constant use. My warranty covers the keyboard and touch pad and, if I am still covered (I don't think I am), I will send this back and get a whole new keyboard and touch pad as I did once before. This machine isn't a top of the line one but, when you add some extra memory and get a good warranty, you will have an excellent travel or part time machine that won't let you down. If you have a minor (or major) problem, it will be repaired immediately with absolutely no charge to you. If this machine was going to have major issues, it certainly would with the type of use I give it. Day in and day out, all day and night use would expose its weaknesses. The only problems I have seen is that the keyboard and mouse show wear after long stretches of use. Otherwise, all the components are still working just fine and, while not blazing fast, this machine, on my DSL hooked up with my son's computer and my other son's XBox, is very satisfactory as far as speed. **My Viewpoint **I will soon be getting a new, spiffy laptop made more for daily use. But I won't toss this machine aside. It works just fine and my family will get plenty of use out of it. I almost hate to say goodbye to this machine because it has served me so incredibly well and held up to things no computer should have to. But I think it is ready for a rest. I know *I* am. If the **Hewlett Packard Presario m2105us PC Notebook** can keep up with me, it most certainly can keep up with you. I give it*** 5 stars*** for sheer durability under the toughest of conditions and for very fast, spot on repairs when needed. It isn't the best machine out there but I would buy it again for the reasons I originally bought it. It isn't a desktop replacement but never claimed to be. It sure has tried though!


The heart of , NY


HP Presario Notebook PC

4.5 6