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HP - Photosmart R742 Digital Camera

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This product is definitely a plus to have!


This product is the ideal camera for those of us that appreciate taking beautiful pictures however are a little skeptical about the prices of certain products out at different stores. My previous camera was also a HP digital camera, and so I have not had any problems with HP's line of cameras. This camera, the R742, comes with a rechargeable lithium battery which is a very important aspect to the camera since the battery life is much more stronger. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who is interested in buying a digital camera.

Sunnyvale, CA


Your average 21st century camera.


This camera is your average 21st century camera. I do have to say that I love HP and they've proved it to me with this great quality camera. I got it on sale back in 2005 and haven't had any problems. The battery is not your average AA but sort of like a cell phone battery, which is rechargable. This is extemely important for me. I hate having to buy batteries all the time, which gets super expensive. I would recomment an HP Photosmart camera to anyone. It has all basic functions; LCD display, zoom in/out, removes red eye, flash, auto flash, etc. It does have options to add borders, black/white pictures, sepia color pictures, records video with sound. I've gotten it wet and still seems to live strong. After 4 years of use I've gotten more than my money's worth for this handy dandy camera. If you're not into the flashy high tech extremely difficult camera, I would highly recommend this Photosmart R742 with chrome like casing and sleek design. You'll love taking it around to capture those wonderful moments with your loved ones. Not to mention the extra built in video camera. why pay extra for a camcorder when you get both with this R742.

Houston, TX


The HP R742 was way better then I expected.


The H P R742 was a wonderful choise for my first digital camera. It has so many features, and even after haveing it these last few months, I am still learning all the perks. The digital zoom is absoulutly great. i have taken this to several concerts and the zoom would take me from last row to almost front row. I can change from color to black and white, or even sepia. It has a Design gallary menu where you can modify color, add boarders, crop, or even rotate the picture. theirs is also remove red eye, express photo (which i havent used yet). It also has options for how you want to take your pictures like, steady shot, close up, theater, and much much more. This camera also comes with video! I bought a 2 gig memory card to go with is and it will record up to 2 hours with that or almost 2000 pictures or a combanation their of. The only down side is the video sucks the battery dry. Other then that this camera is absolutely great, and I would recomend it to anyone!

Westland, MI


love digital---hate rechargable


I have a digital camera just like my mom's ....hers is holding charge mine doesn't and it's 25.00 to replace the battery plus 10.00 shipping for something not much bigger than a postage stamp!!!!!!!!!! Also, the store I bought the camera from doesn't carry replacement batteries..........what's up with that?!?!?!?!?!

Bolivar, NY


HP - Photosmart R742 Digital Camera

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