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HP - Photosmart R717 Digital Camera

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An awesome easy camera to use.


This camera has taken some awesome pictures for me in a variety of settings. This camera does not have motion blur or steady photo and that is the only thing that has gotten in the way on occasion of fantastic pictures. It is a couple years old but I am sure it is just an example of how the newer HP cameras will perform.

Pine Grove Mills, PA


HP Digital Camera Software


Camera is outstanding; however, the software to process the photos sucks.  It is complicated and unweildly to use.  The editing and processing are cumbersome.  I had an older model HP camera and the software was much much better.  Easier to use and the operation was more streamlined.   I love the camera but as long as the software is the way it is, I would not recommend purchasing the camera. 

Roseburg, OR


The Photosmart r717 camera is a great camera, amazing features.


I recently got my first camera and it was a journey. I finally decided on the HP PhotoSmart digital camera, this camera is alesome is beautiful lens and zoom quality. Takes great pictures and video. I

Winston Salem, NC


This camera is great, we love it


We just love our Hewlett Packard 6.2 mp digital camera.  We've had it for over 2 years now and it's still taking really good pictures.  We are very careful with it and have never had any problems.  We keep it in a good, padded case, zipped up in a drawer when not in use.   My biggest fear is that we'll drop it, but it has a strap and we are in the habit of using that strap.  I am a hobby photographer and I take lots of nature photos/pet photos these days with it.  My husband also uses it for his business and I use it for mine also.  The battery does take all day or night to recharge, probably because we've had it for awhile and use it quite often.   It's the original battery.  Software is easy to use and ours came with a memory card.  They are quite a bit cheaper now and there's lots more available out there.  We bought it at Conn's here locally.  The detail is really good and it has a in-camera red-eye removal and panorama mode.  It also has an optical zoom.  So far, it's been a fine camera.    

Ya'll, TX


HP - Photosmart R717 Digital Camera

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