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HP Photosmart Printer

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Love it but quirky


I finally got to upgrade to a Photograde printer. HP Photosmart D7160 This one is great. It has 6 different color cartridges in addition to black. It has a seperate feeder for 4x6 paper and it has multiple card reader slots. You can edit pictures without going through the computer. It has good software for downloading and filing on your computer. It prints great pictures.BUTThe quirks are many. If one of the color cartridges is empty you can only print out 3 things in black before it shuts you down until you replace the color cartidge. Even if you only want to print in black.The HP Photo software is handy but the E-Mail feature sends your pictures to Snapfish and then sends a link to whomever you pick. And now Snapfish doesn't allow you to right click & save a photo. You have to order it. This is fine most of the time but sometimes I want people to be able to print/use the picture I send them.If you run out of paper while printing a batch of photos, when you add paper it sometimes starts from the beginning and re-prints ones you have already and sometimes it prints about a 1/4 inch worth and then leaves it blank ruining that sheet of paper.All and all it's still a great printer but it will not stand to be ignored or maintained.

Hopatcong, NJ


This is the best printer I have ever owned!


This is the third Hewlett Packard inkjet printer I have owned.  The first one lasted 7 years and the second 5 years.  The second one also had the double sided printing.  This one has slots for 4 sizes of digital camera cards.  You only have to change one color ink if it goes out and not all of them.  You can print photos without a computer.  I like the tray for 4 X 6 prints.  The pictures come out perfect.  I like the double sided printing because it keeps you from wasting paper and is easier than turning the paper around and putting it back into the machine.  You have to buy the double sided printing part separately from the printer but it is worth the money.

Panama City Beach, FL


This printer is as good as a football bat!


I first bought this printer and I almost drove back to the store to slam it at the store clerk. This printer is the worst thing ever. I wouldn't use this printer as a door stop if I had to. I'm not trying to bad mouth this printer or the store I bought it at but seriously, we should all get together and write to HP about this. I'm thinking about selling it for scrap or something. I might trade it or sell it to some loser on craigslist or something. But YEAH.....this printer sucks!

Milton, FL


Easy to use and great quality!


The HP Photo Printer is compact, nice looking, and most of all, user friendly. It has two memory card slots for easy photo prints.  The quality is nice in both color and black and white, and the print speed is fairly quick.  Overall this is a nice printer especially for people who only print ocassionally and want a nice looking photo to print or give to family and friends. It also has a scanner and copying capability, so it's nice and multifunctional.

Hampton, VA


Great Photo Printer


Purchased about a year ago and it is a great photo printer.  I like that I can replace individual color cartridges.  Gives excellent prints and is fairly fast for a photo printer.  I would highly recommend this printer.

Belleville, IL


Great photos!!


I love this printer for printing 4x6 pictures.  The pictures look like they came from a print store. I use it all the time for my digital pictures.  It has a print program to work from that lets you edit the pictures as well. I would definitely recommend this product to someone looking to print pictures at home.

Roseburg, OR


HP Photosmart Printer

3.8 6