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HP - Photosmart M547 Digital Camera

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Very Impressed with this little camera.....


  I really like this camera very much it is simple and fast to use. I take it with me everywhere...it is always in my hand bag.  I have 4 children and I need a small camera to take with me. It takes video and photos both. It comes with a case and is very easy on the budget just in case one of my kids thinks it belongs in a milk shake I can replace it fairly easy.  This is just pefect for me.


Collinwood, TN


Wouldnt Have Any Other


I have been using this camera for three years and absolutely love it. Every since I was given an IPod ITouch, it doesnt have a camera so I had to figure out a way to get my pictures on there. This camera has a memory card that I found out can easily be slide into a card reader or the camera can be hooked up to your computer. you just transfer your pictures and be on your way. It also has a feature thats my favorite, its a shooting timer, which gives you ten seconds to get into place and be in the picture with everyone else. it also, has a red eye remover and records video with voice playback. it zooms in and out, has selections like picture burst where you can choose the quality of your picture, and shoot pictures of images moving.


Wildomar, CA


Not enough features


Received this acmera as a gift. It is the worst digital camera I have ever had. The features are very limited. You can not change focus except to zoom in. you can not zoom out farther than stardard shot. Battery life is very short no matter what type you try and the pictures still blurr horribly with movement or lights


Palmyra, NY


The Best Camera for the Price on the Market


I have had this camera for some time.  I have been able to get pictures from a moving car and it freezes the picture and you can't even tell you were moving while taking the picture.  I have also used it to do a short movie of an area while I was sightseeing in Arizona.  The mountains in the background came out perfectly.  You don't realize it does not have a large pixel amount at all.  The pictures come out great and when downloaded to the computer print out perfectly.


Texico, NM


HP M547 takes great pictures!


Our M547 digital camera came with a purchase of an HP desktop system.  I loved the idea of getting a "freebie", but was hesitant in using the camera at first.  It felt heavier than my previous camera.  However, the clarity of the photos is amazing.  As a teacher,  I often take pictures of class projects, class trips, etc., and am so pleased at how sharp the pictures come out.  I'm no photographer, but the pictures develop so well!  I like the HP brand, b/c not only does it come with the Photosmart program, but if you use it with other HP products,  you truly see the diffrence.  This particular camera has 6.2 megapixels.  I highly recommend you trying it!


Newtown, CT


This is a great first camera.


The Hewlett-Packard Photosmart M547v is a great first camera in my book. I have tried to use other cameras in the past and they have totally confused me. This camera has a one touch to take pictures. You can set it up to have the date and time appear on the pictures and that only takes a few steps, which the camera walks you through. It has easy to use modes to shoot pictures also all with the touch of a button. You can even use the camera to record video, which you can later watch with sound on your computer. All pictures come out nicely and if you don't like a shot, you can easily delete the picture with the press of one button. So you see, this camera is great for someone who isn't used to using a digital camera or have never used a camera before. It even comes with a usb cable to download pictures onto your computer.


Chester, PA


Cant beat the price!


I wanted a inexpensive camera bundle, and boy did I find it! I'm fairly new with digital camera's, so this particular camera and printer(A524) was right on the mark.  From the ease of use, to all the different features and the price of ink/paper packages, I didn't go wrong.  Printing them wasn't very hard, and they turned out fairly well. The printer itself is pretty light weight, and wasn't a real burden to take it with. So if your just starting out and are looking for a great priced camera/printer set, this one cant be beat!


Alexis, IL


Great value for price. Like it so far.


I just got this camera a few weeks ago. My old HP accidentally got ran over by a car, I saved my SD card though. Because I saved my SD card was one of the reasons I got another HP. The camera really didn't show much external damage but you can see the screen on the inside was cracked. I like my new HP so far. I am still getting use to it. It has more features than my old HP and more MPs. I am having some trouble with far away shots blurring but like I said I am still getting use to it. It is easy to use. Takes B&W pics too and does really good videos with sound when you load it to the computer. So far I am happy with it. I have already printed some pics they look good. Great value for the price.


Raysal, WV


HP - Photosmart M547 Digital Camera

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