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HP - Photosmart M415 Digital Camera

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It takes awsome pix. I've printed 8/11's & they came out great


The camera is my first digital, and i love it.  My pix come out great, and they even blow up to 8/11 well.  The camera is easy to use also.  I've taken lot's of pictures of my pets, and they come out great, i even love to mess w/ the black and white feature.  FUN! 

Johnstown, PA


I love this camera!


My boyfriend purchased the HP Photosmart M415 digital camera for me for Christmas about 4 years ago.  I have used it regularly since.  I love this camera.  I know that there ar probably better cameras out there, but I am not really able to make expensive purchases.  I can do so much with the camera.  It has a date stamp which I love because I take so many pictures of my children, animals, home improvement projects, etc.   I try to keep photo albums and it is nice to be able to put my pictures in there by date and not have to figure out when they were taken.  There is a red eye remover right in the camera.  It works pretty good, but sometimes it either misses the red eye or dots out something else that isn't even an eye.  The camera came with a printer.  I plug the camera into the printer with a USB cable and can print off as many copies as I want of whichever pictures I choose.  It also connects to the computer where I can upload my pictures and "play" with them.  The camera also takes short videos.  It's a nice camera and with as much pleasure it has given me, I would quickly buy another one.

Mount Gilead, OH


I like my HP Photosmart 5.2MP Camera


I've had my HP M415   5.2 MP Camera for about 4 years, it took a little while to learn it (I'm not someone that likes looking through the thick, small lettered instruction manuals, I'd rather play with something a while and learn it that way) I love all the features it has and was disappointed when I dropped it and it stopped working. I went, after 5 months of it turning on but not doing anything except, after snapping one picture, it wouldn't shut off and the lens wouldn't go back into the camera. To my surprise, just because I hated the thought of getting rid of it, took a small screwdriver and opened it, took a look at the inside and didn't see anything wrong with it, closed it back up and it works once again! The casing was off just a little on the outside before I took it apart and lining it up once again did the trick! I like having things that can be repaired easily! So even though it took me so long to decide to take it apart, I did drop it on blacktop and it ended up working again! I'm considering it VERY DURABLE! (keep a mini screwdriver in mind if you drop yours!) It has red eye reduction, the pictures turn out great! It has a self-timer so I can take pictures of myself!    

Vienna, OH


Photosmart M415


I was looking for a cheap,good and easy to use camera.And found this camera and I would recomend this camera to any person who happens to be looking for a DIGITAL CAMERA.iT IS VERY EASY TO USE AND IT TAKES WONDERFUL PHOTOS.It also comes with Data cable to use in transfering your keepsakes to your compter.

Bradenton, FL


good camera, great pictures


i love this camera. It is easy to use, takes great pictures and I can print them out with ease with the hp printer. The only thing I dont like about the camera is that after almost 2 years the camera quit saving images to the memory card. I did contact hp and they had a IM chat with me to diagnose the problem and it needs to be sent in and fixed. It is no longer under warranty and it will cost more to fix than to buy a new one. So I have decieded to buy a new camera. I am planning on buying HP again.

Fillmore, UT


HP - Photosmart M415 Digital Camera

4.8 5