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HP Photosmart -In-One Printer

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Photosmart all in one is a good printer but has technical issues


I had high hopes for my Hewlett Packard PhotoSmart All-in-one Printer and mostly they have come true.  The colors are absolutely wonderful and it is extremely convienient that I can take the memory card right from my Kodak camera and not only print the pictures but view and select which ones to print from its reasonably sized LCD screen.  I also use the copy function on the printer often and it is always perfect.  I never have any fuzzy black lines like some copies can give you.  I wish there was a USB port for my flash drive but there isn't. Overall it is an EXCELLENT product.  The issues I have with it I believe are techical ones.  I have had it hooked up now to three different computers in my house because it will be working perfectly then randomly uninstall its self?  When you go to reinstall the printer the setup eventually goes to an unending loop of not being able to reinstall and contiuously popping back up to try again. I just keep switching computers but it keeps happening.  Also the LCD screen will occasionally just turn blue with an odd code showing and you have to unplug it and wait a few min to plug it back in and try again. But when its working its great!!!


Camillus, NY


engineered with adware on the useless LCD screen


 **HP photosmart C5200 series all in one (5280)** **I'd go with something else. When you pay for a product, you shouldn't have to look at advertising in the LCD viewer. When you try to return it, they gave you the 3 days or else it's yours letter which I felt was rather nasty. I had bad luck with their P.C.'s as well, with the mouse, keyboard, and left side speaker all going out right after the warranty expired.**


Fall River, MA


All in one is an understatement!


Awesome unit. Cheap, does everything it says it does. I have had one for 2 years and it is amazing and still working like new. I can't believe how much time it saves. Highly recommended...just by the package deal for ink & paper...


Jericho, VT


awesome all in one at a bargain price


This printer offers three services with outstanding quality!  The scanner works very well, although I have only used it twice.  The copier makes great quality copies very quickly (from 1-9 copies).  There is no need for attachment to a computer for copying or printing pictures.  The printer offers memory card slots and a 1.3 inch display that makes printing quality pics a breeze!


Taunton, MA


it is easy to use and it is so cool having my own copier


I am always in a hurry and don't take time to LEARN how to use new things. This is simple and easy to use. My husband can tell me how to use a certain part and it is something that is easy to remember. It is so nice to have a copier to avoid those trips to the post office to use their copier and have to pay to use it. I have not used the photo part yet. People tell me it is easy to learn. i guess the phase "teaching an old dog new tricks" is diffently me. I feel like I am getting "with the times" with this new printer.


Mooresville, IN


HP Photosmart -In-One Printer

3.8 5