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HP - Photosmart E427 Digital Camera

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The HP Photosmart E-427 Camera is not a long lasting camera.


I bought this camera a couple years ago and it worked great.  I loved taking pictures with it and being able to quickly and easily upload them to my computer to either print out or share with friends.  The only problem I had with it was that it went through batteries like they were nothing.  Now I can't even use it.  I have bought new batteries several times and it won't even show a picture when I turn it on.  I have taken very good care of this camera since I've bought it and I have no idea why it doesn't work properly. 

Roanoke Rapids, NC


Resonable price great camera


I have recieved this camera for my birthday last year.  This camera is durable and takes very good pictures.  It is very easy to use.  Has self timer, flash adjustments and the vidoe option works really well so this camera is great for pics and videos.  Would recomend this camera for a good first one.  The only problem that I do have that it does not take close up very well. But lighing does not seem to be a issue.  Takes good pics in most lightings and you can adjust the flash for certain lighting pluse the software helps in the lighting when editing the pic Another plus for this camera is it is small and light.  Put it in your pocket with out any problems.  Reall great camera in my opinion.

Wentzville, MO


HP - Photosmart E427 Digital Camera

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