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HP - Photosmart E327 Digital Camera

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Reliable to a point....


I have found that it is not just this camera, but all HP Digital cameras that I am having a problem with. After taking about 1000 pictures, the camera starts to suck up battery after battery. Even when the batteries are good (or even new) the camera sarts to shut it self off for no reason what so ever. I have returned this particular camera twice already to see if it was just a fluke. It's not. If you are not big picture taker, the camera series will work for you. If you are like me with kids... you will need something that is more reliable and cost effective.

Prescott, AZ


Excellent product.


This is a really great camera for me. I have taken it with me on trips, to family gatherings and even when I went a Haunted House tour and really got some amazing pictures. I am impressed on how light and easy it is to handle. Also very easy in my opinion to use.

Moundsville, WV


worth the money


This is a great camera for less than most, a little higher priced than the cheapos but this will take a good picture wihtout that hazy quality of cheap cams. I like it because it is easy to use, even my kids can do it. The bad thing is that it really does use up alot of batteries.

Hope Mills, NC


HP Photosmart Camera


HP Photosmart E327 Digital Camera, I own one and I have it for over 6 years now. I dont hardly use it anymore becasue it eats batteries up fast. One thing I do like about this Camera is it has awesome zoom and get up close really good for taking a picture far away.

Eldora, IA


fun to use


I love to take pictures & it great to be able to take & then print them out - getting used to not looking in the view finder takes a bit of getting used to - I like the idea of using rechargeable batteries - the pictures look great - the color is brillant

Halifax, VA


I love my photosmart camera alot.


**I love my photosmart camera. I have done so much with it. I take pictures of my family, make movies with it.  I also take profetional pictures of my children. ** **I would recomend for everyone to on a Photosmart camera. There is no limit you can go far with it. Make or create you on picture ideas and just make them beautiful and one of a kind.**   Hope you get smart with a photosmart camera Chistina Sheffield

Brunswick, GA


User Friendly Wonderful Camera


This camera gives you so much more 'bang for your buck'. I own two other digitals, and this is the one I just keep coming back to. It is so user-friendly. I use rechargeable batteries, pop them in, and get a minimum of 150 shots, which I quickly download to my computer. Again, user-friendly.Computer deletes pics, and I am clear to continue taking shots!  The zoom is not actually terribly clear, but for the average family photos, it is a no-brainer. Reasonably priced. I do not dare replace it with any new ones, as I have tried, and keep returning to this due to ease of use and downloading.

Canandaigua, NY


In the bright sun you can not see the image on the viewng screen


Subject: new style digital cameras. we have two different cameras and have the same problems with both of them. They have no viewing hole to look thru to see what you're taking, only a screen to view thru. What we don't like about them is outside in the bright sun, you can not see what is on the screen. the screen is to dark Wren 25

Chandler, AZ


HP - Photosmart E327 Digital Camera

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