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HP Photosmart C6380 All-In-One Printer

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HP C6380


Was a really good printer when first bought, as it got older, it got noisy, it wouldn't be able to connect to my laptop and had some other problems. Has five seperate ink cartridges which could cost you a little more money, but ink in generally is expensive. Doesn't have two-sided printing, It doesn't let you know when a certain ink is out. But overall the printer was good, just like everything else when something gets old, you'll need to replace it. Had mine for about three years, still working. Isn't super fast or super good quality, but efficient for school. When I print, I usually just do it for school and I don't pay attention to the quality, so I don't know how the quality compares with other printers.


San Francisco, CA


A good printer for my family. I like the HP C6380.


This is my favorite printer in my house. I have two, one of them is a 2 year old Lexmark, which I rarely use. I think that this printer is way better than my Lexmark, for many reasons. For example, it prints ar a faster speed. It usually prints something in great quality for have the time that it takes for my Lexmark to do so. The printer also has a nice design, it is easy to use and even my children can use it. The ink might be a little bit expensive, but the quality of color photos makes up for it. It yields quite a large number of prints per a cartridge, so I do not think it is too bad. The software was really easy to install on my computer, it didn't take up much of my time and I was printing my papers within minutes. I would recomend this printer to college students, or people who don't print too much. It was cheaper than other printers, so overall, it's pretty good. I have a feeling that it will last a long time too!


San Jose, CA


Does the Job - Problem Free


I had spent quite a bit of time researching an all in one wireless printer and overall I have been happy with the purchase of the HP C6380. Set-up was straight forward and we haven't had any problems with the printer itself. Only one PC is connected to the printer, so I can't attest to having used it with multiple computers. The only issue I have had is scanning documents directly to my PC, but I have been able to bypass it by scanning to a SD card and then transferring it onto my PC. Although I don't print that many photos, it does a great job when I do need a quick photograph. This printer is easy to use and the only downfall is that I have with just about all printers...... the frequency of having to purchase new ink cartridges and the cost of those cartridges. If I was truly using this printer to print photographs, I can't see how it would be cost effective with the amount of ink it requires.


Commerce Township, MI


The Hewlitt Packer C6380 is a great printer


This is a great little printer.  It does it all scans, copies, pictures, printers, faxes...if it could walk the dog it would be perfect.  The price was a little high but HP is a good brand name.  It is nosy, sounds like it is breaking.  The ink cartridges are a little steep, but you don't have to buy all of them to replace just one.  There is a seperate one for each color.  All in All good quality for the money.  Instuctions on the machine with a touch of the button.  Also like the wireless feature.


Rock Falls, IL


Does the job well


Makes awesome prints, copying and scanning are easy to do, fairly simple to use.  The only thing I find anoying is that it has to like warm up when you go to print and goes through a noisy checklist or something.  It doesn't just PRINT when you want it to the first time after not using it for a while.  But then it is fine.  prints fast.  Uses a lot of ink unless you check your settings before each print to make sure you have it set to where it uses less ink.  Would like for it to be easier in that respect.  Some of the ink selection guidlines need to tell you what it actually means to change your settings to that.  Suggest you don't use the small ink cartridges and don't buy the multi pack colors either, as they run out of ink way to fast.  It makes a huge difference and way cheaper in the long run to buy the larger single colors and black ink cartridges.


Conway, PA


HP C6380 Photosmart Printer


I have had this printer over a year.  It prints really nice text and pictures.  It also takes way too much ink, especially black and photo black.  It seems that I am replacing those 2 every few weeks.  Some other problems I have had is when I set up a custom size envelope or even a standard #10 envelope.  I put the envelope in the printer and the printer won't recognize it, then goes into error mode.  The same thing happens with any paper except standard 20# paper.


Terre Haute, IN


Great wireless all-in-one for little effort


I did alot and I mean a lot of researching before getting this all-in-one.  Overall I am very pleased with the printer.  It set up so easy I thought I was missing something.  It is user friendly and eye friendly.  The only issue that I have is that it takes a while to warmup and it is problematic for those times you need to do something quick and haven't printed anything in a while.  But this is generally when you are straight printing, not sending from computer.  I previously had a Lexmark and the ink was way more expensive so I haven't noticed that it is more expensive to use.


Bracey, VA


Definately Happy


I received this all in one printer as a gift this past year. I was a little unsure since I am not too tech savvy and it looked na little difficult to use. After a few days of playing around with it, I knew that it was great. Very easy to work and many different options on the importing/inputting of your pictures. It prints in excellent quality. My only problem with this printer, is is definately uses alot of ink. I printed about 25 pictures for my scrapbook album and by then, the ink button was already on. Other then that, I am very pleased.


Holbrook, NY


HP Photosmart C6380 Great printing, easy network setup, Love It


The HP C6380 printer has been the best by far for my home use whether it be printing documents to  printing doing photo greeting cards for the holidays perfect for the home user that needs the extra's this printer has to offer. Also linking this to your home network is a snap. Would tell all my friends about this one !


Norristown, PA


HP's C6380 is a great value with great quality.


I purchased this printer because I really wanted a wireless printer to utilize the mobility of my laptop.  Now, no matter where I am in the house, I can send documents to the printer and retreive them from the papertray later.  There have been a few times where the printer has been "offline" but I think that's more my WiFi router than the printer. A feature that this printer has which I never had in older printers is the five ink cartridges.  At first I thought this might be more expensive but I quickly learned that it saves me money.  If I print a lot in blue, but not yellow.  I don't have to replace the whole tri-color cartridge like the old days. I really like the photo paper tray but I only print photos when I need them really quick since they seem to use more ink than paper if you want the quality to rival professional printing.  They do come out beautiful though so it's great to have.  The scanner/copier is another great feature that I use a lot.  I have been trying to digitalize old family photoes and the scanner has good quality.


Whitehall, PA


HP Photosmart C6380 All-In-One Printer

4.1 20