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HP Photosmart C6280 All-In-One Printer

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HP Photosmart C6280, One Smart Printer!


I'm giving the Hewlett Packard Photosmart C6280 Printer an A+. It is a very easy printer to use. This thing has got a brain of it's own. Which is very good for me. I'm not very good with these sort of things, but the C6280 pretty much does everything on it's own. Let's me know when ink is low, out of paper, wrong size paper, & when the paper is loaded wrong. I'm grateful to HP for making a printer, smart enough to give you the best printing experience ever. It prints vivid colored photos, that dry very quickly. Easy to download pictures straight to the printer and upload from your computer. Lots of options for printing photos, fliers, business cards, invitations, & birthday cards. Ink cartridges are super easy to install & affordable. Very nice compact design, to fit in tight work spaces. Simple installation on initial hook up to your PC. The small flip up screen on the front makes the printer very easy to use by itself, without your PC. I highly recommend the HP Photosmart C6280 Printer for the whole family, it might just be the smartest member.


Lake Charles, LA


An average printer.


I've had this printer for a couple of years.  It's treated me well, but I can't say it's my favorite.  It has average printing speed.  The colors do turn out nicely and it prints pretty good photos.  The cartridges don't last as long as printers I've had before, which is dissapointing.  However I do like the fact that the colors come in separate cartridges, this makes them more ecconomical.  The cartridges are easy to find in the store, and aren't too expensive compared to others.  I love the fact that it had a constant read-out telling me which ink cartridges are low.  The copying features are easy to use, and much easier than running to a copy store when you only need a couple of copies. Many of the features we've never used.  I do like the school papers feature.  My daughter has used this many times.  If we need narrow or wide rule notebook paper and don't have any on hand, we just print one.  The graph paper feature has got us out of tight spots when needed with homework, as we don't keep this at home.  


Sioux Center, IA


I like this HP Photosmart Printer


I love my Hewlett Packard Photosmart C6280 All-in-One Printer. The only thing I don't care for is the price of the ink cartridges. But I have found a pretty inexpensive outlet for them. I like to take lots of pictures, and then copy them. I like the mix of colors on the paper, It is very convenient to use the copier. Just put the paper in and press the button. Copy made. As well as scanning. I had another all in one, that when I scanned would not do a good job. But this one is great. Just push the button and it scans away. Then I can open a file up with the dated scan and there it is. Easy to read, email, print or whatever. My husband needed a printer, so I told him I liked mine so well, he bought one for himself, so we can now inter use the ink cartridges. He didn't take the time thought to learn his, so wasn't sure about it. Till the other day he sat down, really looked at it, and now he loves his as well. So in the long run it has definately saved us money. We both are satisfied.


Libby, MT


A must have for home printing


The HP Photosmart printer is truly a Great printer at a reasonable price.  The photos printed on the HP photosmart  printer are as good or better than those printed at photo shops.  Ink is reasonable priced, I bought the one that is a wireless printer so I can sit upstairs in my bedroom and print on the HP Photosmart printer that is in my den. If I ge another printer, It will be another HP photosmart printer.


Pinson, AL


HP Photosmart 6280 all in one has great value and quality


I have a small home business and about a year ago I purchased an HP Photosmart 6280 all-in-one.  I have found that it has been a great value for the money.  The quality is excellent and the ink cartidges last for a long time.  One of my favorite features is that it has 6 different ink cartidges and they are inexpensive.  Previously, I had a printer that only had one color ink cartidge and when it would run out of one of the colors I had to buy a whole new color cartridge but now I just buy the color when I am out of it.  This printer has been perfect for my needs.  Although I don't print a lot of photos, when I do, the color and quality has been really good.   A few downsides, I haven't been super impressed with the quality of the scans or copies.  They appear grainy and not very clear.  Since I don't use this feature very often and when I do, quality doesn't matter so it hasn't been an issue for me.  Another thing I wish it had is wireless printing.  We have several laptops in the house and are unable to print from them unless we hook it up.   All in all, I am very happy with this printer.


Cleveland, TN




i cannot stand hp printers they are malfunctioning pieces of garbage and they are ruining are planet by forcing people to replace their printers more often than the cartridges.   i purchased this one at target and had to return it becuase it printed so horrible if it evnen pprinted the whole page. i like lexmark and epson so much better. plus all the garbage it dowloads when you install the printer is horendous sp??                                             talk about invading my privacy and my computer memory. so just say no to HP!@ my mom also bought one, she didnt listen to my advice, and it broke immediatly seems some little wire where the cartridge sits determines the entire functionality of the printer and it was bent. i am sure it will break asap so she need to buy another one!!


Hudson, OH


It works


I own the HP Photosmart C6280 All-in-One printer.  It prints, scans and copies.  I can't say that I love it but it's not bad.  I primarily bought it to print pictures since I am a photo junkie.  I make and decorate cakes and cookies and need to take pictures of them to show what I can do.  The pictures aren't as clear as I was hoping.  Some turn out a little grainy.   Sometimes it's difficult to print on a 4x6 which is the size I use the most.  It often says that the size of the paper is too smal or something to that effect and I don't know how to fix that.  The copier is great.  Just push a button and you can have either a black and white or a color copy very quick.  The scanner is a little more of a booger to operate.  Sometimes it doesn't properly communicate with my computer and I never know where it's going to save my documents.  Your suppose to be able to scan and save to computer by pushing buttons on the scanner but that only works once in a while.  Overall it's an OK printer.  Not great for photos but not bad.  It could be worse.


Bakersfield, CA


Works well enough, but drivers screw up my computer


I have both this printer and an HP Officejet Pro L7780 All-in-One. Both print well, and this one was priced well too. The trouble is that the drivers don't seem to like to exist togther on my computer (also an HP) and I get lots of various error messages. HP Support was not much support on this and Microsoft acknowledges it as a known problem but the only solution at present is to make a non-HP printer your default--doable (and it works), but what a pain!


Newville, PA


Greeat connectivity, great prininting and the price is right.


This printer is great for the average house with kids in middle/high school.  For the last month it has served our needs very well.  Set up was a breeze (athough I wish I could control the HP software a little better - it seems to want ot install everything it can....).  The machine worked great on the network the first time and allows the kids to scan and print things effortlessly.  I also like the memory card option on the side where I can browse through shots on a card and print them immediately.


Hilliard, OH


Easy to use, outstanding 4x6 photos


After doing my own research on the web for a new computer printer, I purchased this printer and so far love it! I've had it for about a month now and use it almost everyday. I was hesitate to get an HP because many reviews I read stated that the HP printers didn't do well unless you had an HP computer. I have a Gateway and the printer works fine except that the software does run very slow which could very well be my computer, not the printer.  I print a lot of photos and do my own digital photo projects and it prints incredible pictures. It has a separate paper tray for 4x6 and when I print pictures, it looks like I had them developed at our local hour photo lab. It is a bit noisy, but I can deal with that because my last printer was noisy too. It also has memory card slots so if I don't have time to transfer my photos to my computer, I can slip in the memory card and print pictures without having to use my computer. Also, if you purchase this printer you will need to also purchase a USB cable because it does not come with one. If you are replacing a printer, you can use that cable. So far I've been impressed with this printer and haven't had any problems yet.


Chehalis, WA


HP Photosmart C6280 All-In-One Printer

3.7 11