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HP Photosmart C4345 All-In-One Printer

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I love my printer


I am a college student who has deadlines and essays to print all the time. This printer is very reliable, and the wireless signal is very conveniant, even though it is very hard to set up. It took a very long time to get the wireless feature set up, and about two hours on the phone with customer service, who wasn't helpful AT ALL, and i finally got my printer to work because I was bored on the phone with customer service and accidently ran in to the solution. The handbook was totally useless, and was not helpful at all. Once i got it set up and everything, the printer worked fine. it prints very well and has high quality prints. I haven't done many photo prints, but i have experimented a little and the results were awesome. I love this printer, it looks cool (which is important to me, a college girl) and it's cool that i can print across the room. I would reccommend this printer to anyone who wants a quality printer, and has a couple of hours to spare to set it up.

Denton, TX


HP Photosmart C4345 is the easiest to use printer in the world!


The HP Photosmart C4345 All-in-One printer is a compact desktop printer, scanner, copier, and fax machine. I love how easy it is to use! I can print photos directly from my memory card and the quality is superb. Another great feature of this printer is that it is easy to hook up to your home network. The printer can stay in one place and all of the computers in the house can print to it wirelessly. Sending a fax is easy if you hook the printer up to your phone line. I would recommend this printer to anyone who is looking for a high-quality all-in-one without spending an arm and a leg. The ink refills are also moderately priced and last a good while. The Photosmart software that comes with the printer is so easy to use. I love that the software helps me edit my photos and scanned documents and organizes them in an easy to find manner on my hard drive. The display screen on the printer's screen help guide the user as well. This is an awesome printer!

Houston, TX


HP Photosmart C4345 All-In-One Printer

4.5 2