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HP Photosmart C3140 All-In-One Printer

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Good Durability


I have had this printer for more than two years and it working good as new. Performance It prints with speed and no problems what so ever. It lets me know when the ink need to be replace and when a paper problem appears with a blinking orange light next to the picture of the problem but it rarely even does that with how great it work. Copy Quality The copy and printing qualities are great, with clear and crisp pictures and writing documents coming through. Ink/Paper Use The inks it uses are easy to find and do not cost a lot, it doesn't unnecessary ink so I don't have to be buying it by the truck load. The paper it uses is whatever paper quality a person wants unless it's for pictures then the special paper for that is used, I use the normal standard paper. Ease of Use It's very easy to use and understand with out any confusion and easy to set up on a computer or laptop. Durability The durability is great because I've had this all in one printer for more than two years and it still works good as new. One of the things that extends the durability is how I always keep it clean of dust and other things as well. Design Easy to understand design.



the HP Photosmart C3140 is great


This printer was given to me by my mother-in-law so I don't know the price.  It was new.  I really like this printer and all the options that come with it.  It has a scanner and copier (in black and white or color).  You can also enlarge and do other things.  It is supposed to help you print pictures better, but I don't really use it for that.  I use it almost everyday to print things off like coupons and directions.  I also like to use it when I am feeling crafty and want to make or design something on the computer.  I also do a little work from home and use the printer for scanning and printing off checks.  I like it a lot.  I think I have owned it for about 2 years and it still works like new.  The only problems I have had are that sometimes things get jammed, but that is easy to fix and usually my fault.  I had some issues printing on envelopes this year for christmas, but I think that was because i was using a really out-dated version of microsoft word. I definately recommend this printer to people with average computer skills using it for home or for a home office.

Tulsa, OK


My HP photosmart printer is Excellent!!


I love this HP photosmart printer!!  Use it everyday printing off my coupons from online.  We actually bought our printer 3-4 yrs ago and its still printing great.  I heard that some printers only last up to 1 yr. so I feel that ours has done its job.  A few weeks ago I thought it was dying, but someone said to un-install our printer and then re-install it and now it works again and I am so very happy!  Really do love this printer and for the price we paid it has more than paid for itself.

South Hutchinson, KS


HP Photosmart C3140 All-In-One Printer

5.0 3