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HP Photosmart All-In-One Printer

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I bought it, let me use it!!


Have D7160 and been pretty happy with it until I found out that if one ink cartridge is empty, it refuses to print at all.  If you only want to print a regular black and white document and have a full black ink cartridge, well it's too bad, cause the printer won't work till the empty color cartridge is replaced.  This is tough on me as a student for I have a slim budget and it tends to be a great voyage to get to a place that sells these cartridges.  Otherwise a good printer.  Since I got it at 75% off, it's a great deal for printing digital photos and artwork.  Has various memory card slots and direct usb hookup to your camera if you don't want to go through your computer to print.  The entire unit wobbles quite a bit when printer, so make sure to have a sturdy table or shelf to put it on.

Spokane, WA


Awesome photo printer! Fast and cost-effective to own.


The HP Photosmart D7100 is a great printer for a great price. I did a lot of research before buying this. After reading how Kodak printers are expensive to own and the cost of prints is way more than Kodak says it is, and how Canon's don't use all the ink in a cartrdige before you have to replace it, I though the HP was the way to go. I have not been disappointed. The prints are fast, colors are vivid, and it prints a lot of different size prints. Some other photo printers only do 4x6 and I wanted to do 8x10 & 5x7 as well. This printer uses Vivera inks, and has 4 colors plus black. They are individual ink cartridges so when you run out of 1 color, you only replace 1 color and not the whole color cartridge like some printers force you to do. This saves money overall and makes maintenance very simple. The prints dry quickly and have an archive life of over 150 years. This printer accepts all memory cards directly into the machine, and has a nice LCD screen and photo editing features so you don't even need a computer to print out your pictures. Love it!

Cary, IL


HP Photosmart All-In-One Printer

4.5 2