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PSC 2710
HP Photosmart All-In-One Printer

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HP Photosmart 2710 all in one printer is good.


I bought this **HP Photosmart 2710 **printer about four years ago.  After few months, it crashed due to power surge (severe lighting).  I called CSR and since it was still under warranty, they were able to replace it.  They sent a box w/ all the appropriate packaging materials so that I could return the damaged printer.  In turn, about 3 weeks, I got my *new* printer. I was a bit disappointed to learn that it was refurbished and not *new*.  But overall, I was ok with it since all the features worked.  Features include: fax, copier, scanner, memory card reader, and printer. Product is easy to use and is wireless.  Cons:  Printing is bit slow (1 page at a time) and if you have multiple pages to copy/ scan/fax, it could be awhile since you need to manually feed to the printer.  Also, the cost of the cartridges are bit pricey.

Bethesda, MD


Good Printer, Good Price


This printer is a good printer. It is not a great printer, but it gets the job done. It is a little noisy, but most printers are. The ink for this printer is also a little pricy, but again most printers are. I think that this printer has a very reasonable price tag also. There is no need for a huge printer, when you just want something for home use. If you want something for large printing jobs or for a business printer then yes this printer is not for you. It gets the small jobs done consistently. It gets jammed a very times, but not that often. In my experiences this printer gets jammed alot less easy then most printers. In my total time owning this printer, which has been for a couple of years,  it has only jammed around three times. Overall this product to me is very good, because of the price and what you get. I also really like hp printers, so this is not the only printer I'd recommend. Hp is very good at making printers.

Dover, PA


Inexpensive and Wireless Printing


I recieved the HP 2710 All In One Printer for a Christmas Gift from my in-laws.  I was looking for a printer that could offer wireless printing without purchasing addition hardware.  This printer has fit the bill. The printer was easy to set up and is easy to use.  I can print wirelessly from anywhere in my home.  The ink tanks seem to last ok, but if you print a photo, it will put down a lot of ink.  The photo print quality is less than professional, but looks ok.  This printer is quite noisy.  I would not recommend putting this in an area that needs quiet (such as near a baby's nursery)  The scanner is a tool that can also be used wirelessly.  The date and time will disappear if you unplug it or if the power flickers and there is no battery backup for that.  I have never used the fax machine part, so I cannot judge it's capability.  For the money, this printer does get the job done. 

Alliance, OH


HP Photosmart All-In-One Printer

4.0 3