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HP Photosmart All-In-One Printer

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The HP Photosmart C5180 is a good all-in-one printer.


The HP Photosmart C5180 all-in-one printer, scanner, and copier works incredibly fast and prints, scans and copies with true-to-life color that is hard to beat.  The HP Photosmart C5180 allows users to print laser-quality documents and lab-quality photos without a computer using memory cards, USB flash memory drive and the large 2.4-inch color image display. A major drawback is the option to print in grayscale using only the black cartridge. The option is offered, but does not work as advertised.  If your color cartridges are low, when you start to print the printer will require you to OK a warning that color is low, then it'll ask if it's OK to print using only black. If your color cartridge is completely empty, you can't print at all, even in grayscale, even after selecting the option to use only the black cartridge. A Google search uncovered another problem reported by multiple users- the printer constantly claimed that brand new, HP-branded ink cartridges were empty.  These problems seem to have been resolved through software updates, however.


Pasadena, CA


This printer is the best printer I have ever used!!!!!


This printer is very easy to set up and use.  It makes awesome copies of photos and I have some pictures that I had developed some place else and when I made a copy of the picture.  It came out better than the other place.  The ink for this printer is in individual containers, so you get more out of your colors than you would with the ones with all in one.  They are not expensive to purchase.  I buy the combo pack it is more economical for me.  There is a small combo pack with all the colors including black and then the other one is all the colors and then you also get photo paper with it.


Buckley, WA


Service is great, but the product is very restrictive


I had a Hewlett Packard Photosmart 7550 that I really liked and when something went wrong with it, HP told me there was no longer support for it because it was too old.  No tech support and no parts (if needed).  That is why I now own the C5180.  I printed about 3 sheets from the main tray and maybe 15 pictures and the yellow ink ran out!  The programs that run from it are very confusing.


Central Lake, MI


Nice size, some issues, prints well.


The previous printer I had seemed to drink ink. This one is all right on ink consumption. With the 6 tanks of ink all ink gets used without waste. Black, dark magenta, dark cyan and yellow are changed the most.  Printing is clear, pictures turn out well, crisp and clear.  The only complaints I have is that even though I shut it down properly sometimes when I turn it on again it will say that it wasn't shut down properly in the LCD window.  Also I have had it tell me to clear a paper jam when there wasn't one and sometimes it has to "think" for a while before printing.  If your in a hurry this can get annoying.  The paper jam issue has only happened a couple of times in the years I have had it so it's not too bad.  Also the scan menu is very limited and the lid that you lift to place books, papers etc on to scan does not have the feature to accomodate books, in other words it must stay open because it won't close.  Some printers have the lid where it will raise for thicker items. Overall a good printer and I've had no major problems with it.


Conroe, TX


Don't get this printer if you have Windows Vista


I've had this printer for about 4 years now. I have to say I'm pretty disappointed in this product. It worked OK with my Windows operating system but the ink usage is inefficient and the ink is fairly expensive. I've found that its cheaper for me just to have my pictures printed at Costco. Another thing on the ink is I don't print an excessive amount in color and specificially got this printer for printing pictures, but the printer won't print if it thinks its expired eventhough I know there is plenty of ink in it, then it makes me replace it in order to print. The BIGGEST PROBLEM I have with this printer is HP needs to get their drivers fixed to work with Windows Vista. I've had to re-install this printer almost every time I've wanted to use it, because Windows Vista can't detect that it is there. The print quality is good though.


Washington, UT


the HP c5180 is great but the refills are pricey


In my home I've only had HP printers. But at work I have used many different brands. I much prefer the quality of HP in general. When I was given the HP C5180 second hand I was super excited. The older HP Photosmart printer i had only had the color cartridge and the black cartridge. The C5180 has five colors plus the black one! This is great for me because I tend to use one color much much much faster than the others! I was forever changing out my color cartridge before I had used up most of the color ink. If I could change one thing about it though it would be that I find that it takes a rather long time to run through it's cycle before it prints. And, it is also rather loud while doing it! Oh, one more thing that I'd change is the ease of clearing jams. On my older printer you could almost always clear a jam from the front of the machine. You can't do that with the HP C5180! I almost always have to pull it off my shelf and unplug everything!


San Antonio, TX


This printer is great for photos


This printer has been very reliable.  I like that I can insert the disk from my digital camera right into the printer instead of plugging in the cords for the camera.  The printer has been fairly reliable; however, it sometimes has "kinks" that can only be worked out by turning it off for a few minutes then turning it back on.  So far if there is a paper jam, it has been easy to remove and get back to working. It also uses a lot of ink and the cartridges are expensive because there are five color cartridges and one black and white cartridge and when one is empty you have to replace it or else  it will print very, very slowly.  I like the fast draft option that works well from the PC but when I place a page on the printer to copy and select fast draft, for some reason it does not work.  All of a sudden mine started printing every thing very, very slowly -- after a few years, it probably needs a bit of service.  But overall, I really like it.  Also, the ink cartridges are very easy to put in when you have to replace them; they are right up front.


Havertown, PA


The HP Photosmart printer is a printer for all your needs.


I love almost everything about this all-in-one printer. It scans. It copies in color or black and white. It prints pictures and documents. It has slots to be able to stick memory cards into it so you can print directly from the printer without having to go through the computer. You can print sizes up to 8"x16". The HP Photosmart uses six separate color inks instead of just one for color and a second one for black. This makes for great pictures. It does cost more to replace the ink cartridges though. It does have software so the drivers do need installed so you can't just plug in and print. But most newer computers seem to recognize it. This printer does seem to have problems communicating with the computer from time to time and than it doesn't want to print. Also, if you don't print on a regular basis it seems to have to go through a preparation cycle before it will print. That is kind of loud. When I have something scanning it has started making a screeching type of noise like the rollers need oiled or something. It isn't a good sound. But, it still scans fine. Except for the noise, I find it to be a great printer and I recommend it.


Monroe, IA


Very good product


I have had 3 copiers since I started to work on computers the first was a Lexmark the second was a H.P. and this is a H.P.. My first H.P. did not have a card reader or view screen. I bought this about 14 months ago and it has it all.View screen, card slots and it is a printer, copier scanner. The photo's are very clear.It also has two trays for your paper one for letters and a bottom tray for 4x6 photo paper so you do not have to change paper when you print or photo copy . The service help on line if you have any problems is great. They are quick to help you. H.P. has a very smart and helpful staff. There is still one thing wrong it is the ink it is very expensive. My machine uses 6 cartriges 5 differnt colors and 1 black. But if you buy the value pack you get 150 free sheets of photo paper 4x6.. This is a pretty good bargine. So I would really say if you need a fair priced machine for your chrildren for home work or just if you want to make good photo copys this is a good machine for the job.


Philadelphia, PA


HP C5180 Worked fine for about 1 Year , then Malfunctioned and c


HP C5180 All in One Printer Printer worked excellant for approximatly 1-1.5 Years, Great Quality photo printing Scanning and copying great. After 1 to 1.5 Years printer would not turn off or on When talked to tech support was told the best thing to do is purchase another printer. Did so at a great price.  Rating when working 5 Stars Overall Ratring 3 Stars Did not think I had enough service from this printer to compensate for the price paid.  


Johnston, RI


HP Photosmart All-In-One Printer

3.7 13