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HP Photosmart 7510 Printer

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Great For Lots of Printing


My husband and I were looking for a really great all-in-one printer and the salesman sold us on this one. It scans, it prints, it connects easily to all gadgets and it faxes, too. The scanner is really great and the touch screen makes it super easy. The print quality is also very good. The one thing the salesman didn't tell us is that if you don't print a LOT the ink dries up quickly. While we print probably weekly, definitely not daily and our ink dries up long before we can go through all of it. That is extremely disappointing as the cartridges are very expensive. If I had to do it again, unless I print a LOT I would not buy this printer.

West Jordan, UT


The HP 7510 enables direct printing from iPhone and Macs


The best thing about this printer is that it seamlessly enables AirPrint from iPhone and Mac laptops. In our house that is a huge deal. Being able to print from a floor away is a major advantage. Now our kids can print their homework in the kitchen while they are in their room. And my wife can print pictures directly from her iPhone from where ever she is.

Chicago, IL


HP Photosmart 7510 Printer

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