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HP PhotoSmart 7960 Photo Printer

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The HP 7960 solves all my photo & document printing needs.


I got my HP Photosmart 7960 several years ago and have had NO problems with it! Things I like about it: 1. Has multiple ports for all size memory cards. 2. Has a special tray for 4x6 photo paper. 3. Has a viewing window on the printer. 4. You can print right from the memory card in the printer - no need to turn on your computer! 5. I love the borders & special effects you can put on the photo! 6. Easy to use - even for me! Things I don't like: 1. It's very bulky! 2. It uses up ink very quickly [hint: try setting your printer settings on "Fast Draft" for regular, every day printing needs.] 3. The ink on the pix fades when you hang them on a frig. Overall, I'm very happy with my printer & would definitely buy another new one if this one wears out!

Berlin, PA




This is an excellent printer. The quality is unbelieveable. So clear and vibrant. The inks that go with the printer aren't as expensive as some of the other printers. There is also a gray ink that you can buy for black and white photographs. It has a LCD screen on the front so you can view your photos and print them straight from the printer without the computer. It has a lot of great features and also has an ink storage area built in. It prints excellent bleeds (the image prints to the edge) Everyone is always pleased with how my prints come out and it's all due to this printer. 

Staten Island, NY


P Photosmart printer makes photos look professional.


HP Photosmart printer is wonderful with printing photos. The only downsides are that it is a bit slow and the ink is pricy. However, if you want professional looking photos at home then this is a really good printer to own. I have mine a few years and it really holds up well. No mechanical problems at all. My pics come out beautiful each and every  time.

s pasadena, FL


HP PhotoSmart 7960 Photo Printer

4.0 3