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HP PhotoSmart 7760 Printer

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HP Photosmart Also Proves All Around Intelligent Choice


Versatility is the only accurate word I can think of to describe this stand alone inkjet printer. Considering it is not an "all-in-one", the features are surprisingly extensive.  The printer has proven reliable over the years, too. It is one of the more durable, yet quiet, and user friendly designs with a clean controls panel layout found among printers. The choice between three different types of black ink cartridges provides excellent value in printing.  Not to mention, you can use the color cartridge to print those photos, too. Save steps in single button press e-mailing, picture editing, or file sharing by using direct slots located toward the front on top of the printer cover for easiest access. There are very few well-rounded printers, and this is one of them to make yours.

Everett, MA


HP makes a very nice inkjet with lots of extras


This is an all-around performer of a printer.  It prints relatively sharp text and crisp, bright graphics even on standard print stock (using the moderately more expensive inkjet stock gives you really spectacular results).  It's fairly fast (at least for an inkjet) and extremely quiet.  My only real problem I have with it is a problem that is shared with many inkjets--fast cartridge use and expensive cartridges (generic versions are available but do not perform as well).  It also has some very nice extra features, such as the card reader, that will take photos off most memory card formats, the small LCD photo preview windows with basic photo editing tools, and the very useful secondary paper tray sized for 4" by 6" photo paper--shift one lever (and change your paper setting) and you're printing standard size edge-to-edge photos.  To boot, this printer is very attractive visually, and solidly built.  It is, all things considered, and all-around excellent printer.

Wichita, KS


Great, speedy, good quality, affordable printer.


The HP PhotoSmart 7760 printer is a great printer for everyday prints. It's display screen allows you to crop, brighten, change contrast, and change size of pictures straight from five different types of camera memory cards. With this printer, it allows you to print anything from 8 1/2 x 11 pictures, to documents, to index cards, to envelopes. This printer would definitely not go under the "ink guzzler" category either. The print quality is great and fast. It's very easy to set up and a removable back allows you to easily remove any paper jams. Overall, this is a great, affordable option from a great company in HP.

Aurora, OR


HP PhotoSmart 7760 Printer

5.0 3