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HP Pavillion dv7-4165dx AMD Phenom II Triple Core N850 (2.2GHz)

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do not buy


This laptop was great while it lasted. Unfortunately it only lasts about 3 years before it. Burns out. Ease of Use It was comfortable shape and had same familiar software if most laptops out there. Simple setup and easy to get started. Battery Life The battery lasted hours after a charge. I usually kept mi.e plugged in because I mostly used it at home. It charged it sometimes to go out and it never died on me. Support & Service I never needed support or service so I am basing this off of past experience with this company for other products. Speed/Performance When it worked it worked well. Unfortunately after 3 years the computer turned off never to return. It was not the battery or a simple issue like that. I had a family member who repairs computers to look at it and the part needed to replace it cost about as much as a new computer so I did not but it. I also found out a coworker had the same computer and had the same problem. I then did research and found lots of similar issues. It is a shame because I really liked it. Design It was perfect and comfortable. Durability It can take some normal use, but again it only lasts a few years.



great inside, poor outside


This wasn't my first hp laptop, but third and I thought, third time the charm, but now I know, hp just doesn't make laptops that last. The worst part is that as the inside works still really well, the outside falls apart. With this particular laptop, many buttons broke really quickly, i had to stop closing the monitor because otherwise i would constantly get blue screens. The battery was a joke from the start and lasted 3 hours at first but drained out completely within 6 months. The dvd rom broke and had to replace it and even the new one keeps fails to work many times. The mouse board Buttons fell apart quickly as well. I honestly do not understand why they are making their computers so badly. I also most of the time get these weird errors that some usb device is not connected right and it's so annoying. I don't have any external usb device connected to the laptop so it absolutely makes no scence.

Atlanta, GA


HP Pavillion dv7-4165dx AMD Phenom II Triple Core N850 (2.2GHz)

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