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HP Pavillion a1120n desktop computer

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HP Pavillion a1120n Desktop computer


It's a good basic computer with some interesting and handy features but it's outdated. It's still good for older software and XP is still one of the better operating systems. Certainly better than 2000 or Vista. Ease of Use It's a very easy computer to use with Windows XP. Hardware Quality It does seems a little bulky compared to newer computers for some reason these internal fans make more noise than they should. It's a bit irritating. Support & Service Considering this computer was made in 2005, it's no wonder HP will not be supporting this platform for much longer. You can however still find support from your local computer repair guy so no need to worry. HP has never really done much in the customer support dept anyway. Durability I must say it's very durable as I've had mine for 8 years and it's still working. Design It's a good design for it's time. It has a card reader built in. So a DVD player/writer which can burn re-writable as well so it has a lot going for it. There are only 2 USB ports in front and 2 in back. Performance The processor is a pentium 4 just over 3 GHz but the ram is very low. 256 MB x 2 so 512. It can be upgraded to 4 gigs which would be a good update but a bit costly for a computer this old.



not enough memory, doesn't handle flash well


sorry but this computer does not handle flash well, and it gets hung up on Java scripts. this might be from poor writing on the coder side of the sites i visit, or it might just be the computers fault. i have tried debugging, running mcafee, using apps to block flash from site (getting rid of a lot of annoying ads), but nothing seems to work. i use twitter a lot and if you go to something like tweetchat or tweetdeck, then it backs up and i sometimes get script error messages. this is the most annoying thing about the internet to me. just write applications that work. i am not interested in bells & whistles, just something that functions. next time i think i might go for a mac, or try an ipad.

Austin, TX


this Hewlett Packard is great


We had a Dell computer for years. When it finally died i was hell bent on getting another Dell. We went oit looking at them at about 20 different places. I was so disappointed in the quality and even the appearence. So we decided to look around at other brands. whe I saw this Hewlett Packard Pavillion It was love at first sight. It had all the memory nd giga bites and what not and had a great moniter. It is very easy to use. tho we did had a little problem setting it up and had an awful time with customer service trying to help us. They spoke english very badly and unforunatly we don't speak Indian or packastani. We actually ended up going back to the store and getting a replacement. When we got that one home it worked fine and have not had a problem since. The moniter is fantastic. We put alot of picture on our computer and they look fabulous on that screen. it is a high def screen and the picture look better on the computer than they do when you print them out. This is a great computer and in the future we plan on getting a laptop and it will definitly be a Hewlett Packard.

Zion, IL


Is it just MY Hewlett Packard or what?


My 2 month old HP desktop is certainly not the top of the line with what is available in the computer world, but it certainly isn't the bottom either. Honestly, I have had troubles since day one, with installations, to sound problems, **low**-quality burning capabilities, poor compatibilty to other programs. Sometimes it is near constant frustration. If it wasn't for high-speed internet access, my patience would have already ran out. I expected a lot more from this PC.

Twin Falls, ID


HP Pavillion a1120n desktop computer

3.5 4