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HP Pavillion Slimline desktop computer

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A PC that saves on space but not performance


This computer packs a lot into a tiny space. At about a foot tall, a little over a foot long, and only about three inches wide, this computer doesn't take up a lot of space, but doesn't lack anything important. I like the design of a small computer because I can put it on my desk and be closer to the ports and slots.  Also, it makes it really easy to transport when necessary. The RAM is not the original that came with it, but that size was probably an option.  This was custom-built from the HP website.  Also, it originally came with Windows Vista Home Basic (32-bit), which was silly because the processor was 64-bit, so it wasn't living up to its full potential.  It used to be slow, but was a great improvement first when I upgraded the ram and then the operating system.  It is easy to upgrade various components of the machine.  It is not compact in a difficult and hard-to-navigate/reach way, but just in a practical way.  There are limited slots and ports, so you can't really have two types of anything inside the machine. This computer may not be made for gamers or anyone who needs a super-powerful machine, but it can run with the rest of them.  I use it for browsing, games, Photoshop, and watching movies.  It handles all tasks beautifully. The only drawback is since the width is slim, I had to cut the metal backing of a wireless card I added to make it fit.  Otherwise, this is a great machine that performs well and is light and has a small footprint.

La Mirada, CA


HP Pavillion Slimline desktop computer

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