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HP Pavillion 1737c desktop computer

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Blackouts are a big problem.


It was very fast but it could be better. After a month the desktop wouldn't open and I wasn't able to do anything about it. Ease of Use It was very fast and that made my life easier.It often blacked out and that was a huge loss when I was writing important documents because I wasn't able to finish it or save it.



The Hp Pavillion runs like a well oiled machine easy to use.


                                          HP PAVILION 1737C  This computer has all you need to enjoy your computing.  If your into games the Video card has enough power to smoothly  go around your virtual world. The Card reader is very convenient.   It has room for an SD card an Smart card, a flash drive and a smart drive. If your into photo's this will be your favorite . You can throw pictures on the internet in about three seconds( well maybe two minutes). It's that fast!  The DVD is a light scribe model. This lets you make a label right on the dvd how cool. 0  I can run cd read and write it all so has a dvd- rom.    The only problem with this computer is the Ram.  It came with only 1 gig and that surely was not enough.  I upgraded the ram to 3 gig and it made the computer run like a gazelle.     Windows Vista was loaded on the computer when I bought it. It performs well. The only thing that is annoying is every thing you request to do ie download a program run a program, you need to autorize the program to run.   

Lemont, IL


HP Pavillion 1737c desktop computer

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