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HP Pavilion p desktop computer

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Very nice machine limited only by not having separate video RAM.


With 8 GB RAM and a nice 23-inch monitor, this HP Pavilion is a good machine running Windows 7 Home Premium. In my stable of 25 computers, I've standardized on this as my main desktop PC for e-mail, surfing, word-processing exams and the like, keeping student records, and burning DVDs. Today I watched a DVD on this machine, and it reminded me of this: If I could change one thing, it would be to have an actual video card with a half-gig of video RAM (as I have in my i5 Samsung Q430-11 laptop, which is probably my peppiest machine - although it does not have the 8 GB of the Pavilion model). 4.5 stars out of 5

Dallas, PA


loving my new HP desktop computer


Bought this computer last week when my five year old Dell finally bit the dust. So far I am really liking the speed that it has. Windows 7 seems to be easy to operate and has some things that I really like, ie the snipping tool, easy to get to calculator, and sticky pad. The keyboard is the standard USB keyboard and it is taking some getting used to because the keys are not raised as much as the ones that I am used to. But it is doable. All in all, I love my new computer

Elizabethtown, KY


HP Pavilion p desktop computer

4.5 2