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HP Pavilion dv5000 Notebook PC

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Great customized laptop


I customized my DV5000 with 2 GBs of RAM and a Nivida Go video card. I can play Call of Duty, Age of Empires, and other fairly demanding games. Have traveled with it as far away as Australia. You don't need a converter for foreign countries, just a receptacle plug adapter. It is a little heavy to carry around through airports, but worth it. Ran it for a year straight, 24/7, as a desktop replacement. Played games, did on-line classes, BOINC, movies, music, almost anything you can think of...didn't miss a beat. Did add a Soundblaster Audigey plug-in card and had 5.1 surround sound. Great laptop. Got an Alienware desktop so it gets a little rest now, but won't be replacing it anytime soon. HP customized laptops give you the best bang for your buck. Highly recommend.

Sedalia, MO


A good machine for the price


This is a nice unit for the price. It's a little heavy but does have a large screen. Battery life is fair to good. Keys laid out well. Nice touch pad with scroll feature. HP machines are built well and come with nice built in features. Wireless works great, DVD Lightscribe is a wonderful extra and does a great job with the disc label.

Mentor, OH


Hp Pavilion, Very powerful and easy to operate laptop.


Hp Pavilion laptop computers, these are a very great brand of laptop. It is very light and easy to carry, has a wide range of features, it is great for the office, home office or even for travelling. I have my Hp laptop for over 3 years and it still works as the day i bought it, so if you want a reliable and compact laptop Hp Pavilion is the way to go.

Brunswick, GA


Great laptop that has stood up to a lot of use!


My husband and I spent a LOT of time researching laptops before we bought them.  My husband is an ULTRA computer geek - complete with a degree in comp sci - so we are very picky with the computers that we use.  We were planning on (and did) purchase 2 of the same computers.  We purchased 2 Dell's but ended up returning them right away because the keyboards were crap.  So we then went with the HP DV5000's, and we are so glad that we did.  We purchased the HP's about 3 years ago, and they are still in great condition.  Even after all this time, they are still very fast.  The keyboards are the best of any laptop that I have tried - and I have tried them all.  (Except for maybe the Mac.)  I will say, though, that my husband's HP keys seemed to have more "spring" in them than mine did.  The trackpad is very accurate, even though 99% of the time I use my mouse.  The only problem that I have had with this computer is that the light for the mute button on the keyboard is out.  Not a big deal.  The laptop is pretty quiet, although I have noticed that it hums a little louder now than when I first purchased it.  I have been very happy with my HP DV5000, and I think you will be, too!

Acworth, GA


HP with Vista program is fantastic


After many years of lugging around a tower for computer, I am now using 19 inch Hewlett Packard Laptop, and now I wonder how I ever got along without it. The laptop is easy to take anywhere, has great resolution, and is a great energy saver which of course we are all concerned with. The battery, which allows me to go wireless lasts a good 3 hrs and then is simple to plug in and recharge quickly.

Sandwich, MA


hp pavillion lapot is great for students


i've had this laptop for over a year and i have not had any problems so far. i got this laptop because iy was a good combination of a low price, good feautures, and nice looking laptop. i bought the laptop in college station at best buy. i think this is a great of laptop for students who need a laptop for their time spendt in college. i certainly needed one and i have used it a whole lot during my first year of college. i recommend every student to get their on laptop. and when they do this is certainly a good choice. nice laptop not too heavy the battery life is alright too. that could be a little better though but i think that overall the laptop was a very good choice. a lot of my friends had problems with theirs after the first year which is in my opion not a very smart buy. so i tell em to just go out and get this one.

Pasadena, TX


Bad Hard drives!


We bought our HP DV5000 laptop in Jully 2006.  On July 2007, five days before the one year manufature warranty was going to expire our personal computer techie told us that the hard drive was going bad.  so, we call HP and they replaced the hard drive for us, it was not a real problem dealing with them, which was great, but I will say the people helping us were treating us like we were lying and they talked very rude OR we could not understand them because they were foreign and had such heavy accents, it was almost impossible to understand them.  Fast forward to Jan 2008, only 4 months AFTER we replaced this hard drive with the "new" one that HP sent us - the hard drive is going bad AGAIN!  Once more, our personal tech guy looked at it and said they sent us a refurbished one, not a "new" one, as HP indicated.  I called HP to ask what they were going to do about this - because of course now we are not under the one year warranty and did not purchase the "extra" extended warranty.  They are so rude, they will not even talk to us unless we PAY to talk to them and then we are not even sure if they will replace it "free", which we think they should, of course.  We are very disappointed in HP.  We have a desktop HP f1703 and have never had any problems.  The laptop is only used for school project writing and surfing the net.  Nothing complex or anything.   I would buy an Apple! 

Cumming, GA


Great for your average user


Great laptop with a great look. Upgraded to Windows 7 beautifully and runs better than ever. Has a tendancy to overheat if it's not slightly elevated and if you have a lot of programs running. Otherwise great quality and great internet connection. I love the Lightscribe CD/DVD burner and the professional feel it gives to the CDs and DVDs I burn. Wireless works great and is easily connected.

Salem, OR


HP Pavilion dv5000 Laptop is my best entertianment computer


HP pavilion DV 5000 Laptop  Quick Play and a 15.4-inch widescreen display with optional Bright View technology, the dv5000 delivers rich, lush color and dazzling high-definition(2) detail, making digital entertainment more enjoyable. The HP Pavilion dv5000 Notebook PC puts the power and performance of a desktop PC in a sleek, affordable notebook perfect for home management. The HP pavilion DV 5000 Laptop is a versatile solution, the dv5000 is great for everyday tasks, including surfing the Net, sending email and enjoying digital entertainment. The HP pavilion DV 5000 Laptop includes a 6-in-1 media card reader on some models,ExpressCard/54 slot for next generation PC Card expansion products and up to three USB 2.0 portson select models to support the latest in consumer devices, files and digital media. Also the HP pavilion DV 5000 Features a powerful AMD processors and the latest wireless technology, the dv5000 offers a robust solution for the growing family. The only disadvantage of this computer is the fragile nature of its key board, because if not properly handled the buttons can easily come off. With the HP pavilion DV 5000 one can experience the full potential of Microsoft's® Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005 with the optional HP Express Card TV Tuner which allows you to watch, record and pause live TV. The HP Express Card TV Tuner is available on select models and allows you to record your favorite TV shows and then watch them while you are on the go. With HP Quick Play, consumers can bypass the standard Windows boot-up process to watch movies or download music in seconds and control it from up to 10 feet away with the optional HP Remote which stores in the Express Card PC Card card slot. In General, the HP pavilion DV 5000 is a perfect entertainment laptop and also very effective for data processing and transmission.

Laurel, MD


I don't know what I did without the HP Pavilion


I have really enjoyed my HP Pavilion laptop.  The best feature for me is the wireless internet.  I love being able to sign into the internet anywhere there is a modem or hotspot.  This has really been great for my work since most of it is on the internet.  I also really like the sleak look of the laptop.  It is really classy and stylish.  The big screen has really vivid colors and doesn't scratch easily.  The Pavilion comes with a lot of useful programs and options.  I love the Light Scribe disk writing software that it came with and use it all of the time to customize my CDs that I burn.  The HP updates are user friendly as well and do it automatically.  The only aspect that I don't like about the Pavilion is the small mouse pad.  It also is not very responsive all of the time.  If I have any lotion on my hands, it does not register my movements at all.  I think this may be a problem with any mouse pad though. 

Murrieta, CA


HP Pavilion dv5000 Notebook PC

4.1 12