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HP Pavilion dv2 Notebook PC

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Sound is ok


I am very please with my purchase of my HP notebook.  It is light weight so it is easy to take with me everywhere. The only thing I don't like is the fact that the CD/DVD is external but at the same time it works great too.  There is plenty of memory on it for additional programs and pictures.  The wireless access is great too.  This is a very good computer that would be great for students also. I would recommend it to anyone.

Peabody, KS


Compact but quick on the draw


I initially bought this laptop as a backup for when I went out, but it's so quick that I find myself neglecting my larger laptop.  The memory is superb and perfect for me, who just uses her pc for shopping, games and surfing the net.  I do download a lot of movies and music but it's great that none of the movies take forever to download.  It came with the DVD on the side apart from the pc, but it's worth having the option to use it or not.    My HP Mediasmart plays my DVD's, videos, music and pictures at the touch of a button, which is great.  The less complicted, the better.  This HP is lightweight and so easy to carry around without the burden of something heavy.  I love my larger PC, but my shoulders were taking the brunt of my fancy PC and sometimes it was too much for me and I'd leave it behind.  Not with this PC..It's light enough to carry anywhere from a purse to a backpack unnoticed.  And the quickness.  I used to have to wait depending on where I was, but this PC has yet to let me down.  It downloads so fast that I don't even get a chance to organize and get myself together. It came with Windows Vista and is perfect for someone who uses her PC for play and some work.  Although I have a desktop for my son's homework, he uses this pc while on the kitchen table, which is really convenient so I've ordered another one for his birthday. I may not be computer saavy, but I do know a good laptop when I see one.  It has : 4GBRAM 320GB hard drive Built in Webcam with integrated microphone 92% full keyboard Wireless compatability Everything a novice to pro PC user can utilize and then some.  

Alhambra, CA


HP Pavilion dv2 Notebook PC

5.0 2