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HP Pavilion desktop computer

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great system


was able to customize at website, great price the cost of individual parts much less than comparable parts from other venders. custumer service is great! using HP site allows me to check for atest updates with very ittle effort. ordering supplies is really easy with fast and usually free delivery.  best system I've ever owned, in fact I bought two. system run 24/fortwo slightest glitch. preloaded software is worth the price I paid for the entire system. Came with cutting edge features which mean that I don't have to be constanty upgrading.could be a litte quieter but considering the horsepower I can put up with it. Having seperate sound and video cards alow the onboard systems to be used as backups.soundbaster ive sound card is unbeievable as is the nvidia video card. comes with six in one card reader and usb ports front and back. space in tower for several harddrives and is easy to open.

Baton Rouge, LA




This HP desktop computer is very reliable and gives me hours of useful information I would never get anywhere else. I love its performance, and HP's customer service is always right there if there are any problems. They are very courteous and helpful representatives always there when you need them. I never, so far, have had any problems with work-related issues. The computer starts up immediately and performs exactly the way I want it to. Everything is easy to understand, and I had absolutely no problems in setting it up. Of course, it does take time to get everything organized and running, but the outcome is outstanding. Like any computer, it does take patience and understanding to get it to perform the way you would like, however you won't be disappointed.

Boiling Springs, SC


At Home


This is a great computer to have at home. It is cheap and has windows 7. It has a great graphics card and is upgradable. It is easy to use you have a lot of space to plug in your extensions. The Windows 7 is genuine of course and it lets you plug in SD cards And other chips all in front of the computer! It is great and usuable for gaming. It is meduim and compact if you need to move it. It is compatible with many programs and a great way to spend some money. The Hard drive is all you need it has a lot of memory The RAM is upgradable to 8 GB which is a gurentee to no lag! The bad thing is that it has too much preloaded software. But thats no problem you can just uninstall that. Might take a few minutes but after that no more worries at all. It comes with 3 GB of ram which is still pretty good and you might not need to upgrade it for a lot of games. It only supplies 250 power so it might take of lot of power.

San Diego, CA


HP Pavilion desktop computer

5.0 3