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HP Pavilion desktop computer

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Hewlitt Packard Support Stinks!!!


This computer was purchased for me in June for my birthday it has been a real lemon from the start. Exactly 7 days after I purchased I woke up to a completely black screen. I was able to reboot into safe mode and got an error message indicating a HARDWARE failure. Long story short I spent 6 hours on the phone with Hp technical support in India, and they kept telling me that it was a software failure with windows vista. I eventually tried reinstalling windows at their suggestion but it did not good. I finally got through to someone in HP technical support again, who agreed to let me send it in for repair. I got it back two weeks later (not bad) and the packing slip indicated a hardware failure with two of the memory cards (ram). I used it for about five days and then the video card went out, I again boxed it up and sent it back to Hp after spending 3 hours on the phone with them. I received it back and it worked for about a week and then it crashed again. I had to reinstall windows that time. Thankfully it did not require another trip to hp.


Pensacola, FL


HP Pavilion desktop computer

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