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HP Pavilion desktop computer

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possibally the best computer for the price!!!


I wanted to  upgrade from my old computer and did alot of research on different computers. The HP won overall hands down!!!  On top of a GREAT computer it was from the factory to my home in about 3 days.  Killer computer, killer price, killer shipping... I'll definately buy another HP!!!

Quincy, CA


HP Pavilion A6150e is my desktop computer!


I bought the HP Pavilion desktop computer as my home computer and have been very impressed! I love the speed and the easy use of the computer. It was easy to set up. Everything was already installed on it when I got it, all I had to do was plug in all the cords and turn it on. The processor is fast and it has a lot of RAM and a large hard drive. The HP support is unbelievable! I was able to contact them and chat with them from my computer and fix a problem. My hard drive did crash 3 months after I bought the computer, not sure if it was a virus or just the hard drive being defective, but since it was under warranty, HP support talked me through everything to determine the problem, then FedEx'd me a new hard drive since my mom could install it and I wouldn't have to wait for a service call. Once the new hard drive was installed, everything worked great again and I have had no problems since. My last computer was an HP and it lasted over 10 years. I updated the Windows but the hardware itself is still working! I love HP and wouldn't purchase any other brand.

Locust Grove, OK


Computer geek


Received this computer as a gift a few weeks before christmas.  Love how it runs, no problems at this point.  All of my computers have always been an hp and love the quality of the merchandise they sell wouldn't want anything other than an hp at this point

Harborcreek, PA


HP Pavilion desktop computer

4.7 3