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HP Pavilion -b desktop computer

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Too slow and too frequent updates.


This computer is so frustrating. It gets "stuck" frequently (although not as much as the models did 10 years ago. The thing that I really hate about it, is the daily updates when I am trying to shut down the computer. It updates every single time and the next time I turn it on, I never know what I am going to get. It keeps reformatting stuff and it is hard enough trying to figure out how to use this in the first place without having to have to re-figure it out every time I turn it on. Also, lots of times, when I am trying to download something or trying to look at a website, it just doesn't work and I can't see anything, but if I switch to my husband's Apple, it is fine. I tried to find a place to complain to, but I can't find anything, only complaints from other people about HP's poor customer service. Ease of Use It's as easy to use as any other computer. Hardware Quality I think the hardware quality is okay. Support & Service I can't even find support and service Durability I guess it is durable, it still works after a year and a half. Design I bought it because it looked good Performance You cannot imagine the many times that this computer just stops working. It slows to a crawl or just doesn't work. It takes me 10-15 minutes just to get it going in the morning for example.

Edmeston, NY


The best PC for the money!


I purchased this computer, the HP Pavilion a6712f-b, to replace another computer.  This HP Pavilion a6172f-b is the best one for the money and I did a lot of research when I was shopping for a new computer.  I like that it has a lot of features and I need to learn and become familiar with them in order to fully utilze them.  My children are more famiiar with all that it can do more so than me!  With our new HP Pavilion a6172f-b computer, I was able to get my wife to lay down her pen and paper and be come familiar with using our new HP Pavilion a6712-f-b computer!  That was a major challenge in itself.  But this computer is very easy to set-up and I have been very happy with it. One nice feature is that by purchasing the computer in a bundle, it came with a 22-inch monitor that can rotate from landscape to portrait positioning.  That is a nice feature that is useful if you have a limited area for a large screen monitor to be located. I would highly recommend this computer to anyone who is in the market for a new desktop. I have used a lot of various computers over the years at work and I have found that the HP computers have far out-performed the others that I have encountered.   

East Bridgewater, MA


HP Pavilion -b desktop computer

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