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HP Pavilion a820n/a1723w desktop computer

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This Computer is Awsome


The **HP Pavilion a1723w was a great computer for 400.00 from walmart. I love this computer and I really became fond of windows vista. The only draw back is when I got this computer my printer would not work because of the windows vista and had to get a new computer. I use this computer has my main computer and it runs 24/7 with no problems. So if you want a great computer for not alot of money this is it. I try to stay with Hp's so many people have problems with Dells!**

Quincy, IL


As good as off the shelf gets.


This system has it's flaws. No system doesn't, but HP manages to make the flaws into main features. This off-the-shelf system comes preinstalled with Windows Vista, and countless HP-specific programs integrated and interwoven into the operating system to the point of slowing it to a crawl. In order to make this machine work for my needs, I had to completely gut it's software and start fresh. Which would be easier, if they included a Vista DVD and/or a serial number. Even after solving those problems, came the issue of hardware - not great, but decent for the average user. Again, I had to set to work stripping out useless parts and upgrading where neccessary. Having had this PC for several years now, it still functions rather well -- but still requires the occasional hardware upgrade. It is not a bad system, but for your money, you would be better off building from scratch.

Olive Branch, MS


Pretty Good Computer--No problems.


I have this computer.  I haven't had any problems with it.  It is a bit noisy tho.  The fan is loud.  It is a real work horse.  You can hook it up to a cable tv line and watch tv on it but the picture isn't that great.  I am hoping they improve that soon with the newer computers.  You can also tape shows on cd's with it.   I would recommend HP computers.

San Marcos, CA


HP Pavilion a820n/a1723w desktop computer

3.7 3