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HP Pavilion a1410n desktop computer

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Hp computers are a bargain.


There are dozens of computer brands out there to choose from.  HP is a quality brand with a high reliability factor.  There is always a nice bundle of word processing software and other programs included, so you don't have to spend a fortune on getting started.  The helpdesk for HP is very attentive and forgiving.  I am very happy with the HP product in desktops, and when it's time to purchase another one, that will be my first and only stop.

Beverly, NJ


i am very pleased with the hp pavillion a1410n


i am using the hp pavillion a1410n and i am very pleased.  i havent run into hardly any problems and there is plenty of memory for the things i use it for. i mainly use it for online games, specifically poker!  i would reccomend it to anyone who uses the internet for the same things. overall i am very pleased with the computer in every way and i am glad i purchased it. i look forward to continue using this computer for a long time and dont think ill need to upgrade for a long time.  if i ever do go to buy a new computer i will deffinetly check out hp before any other since ive had hardly any problems with this one.

Saint Paul, MN


HP Pavilion a1410n desktop computer

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