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HP Pavilion Slimline s7410n desktop computer

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On the most part I like it.


I do like this HP. It fires up and works right off the get go. What I do not like is that there are programs that are integrated with programs that should be able to be used off line. I tried to copy some programs off disc, as well as some music off discs, and it would lock the computer down. Meaning, it would even stop the internet from working even. It would have a pop up screen come up that required me to format the disc. Not something I wanted to do. So I can't down load music that I want to be able to listen to, nor would it let me play the music either. It did not seem to matter if the music is old or new. The graphics are great. The colors are good. The ease of performance is great. A few clicks and I am into most programs I want. It is great being slim lined. As it can fit most places, and it can be used standing up or laying on it's side. It has many slots for  usage, meaning, usb port, numerous ports for camera memory and so on.

Libby, MT


HP Pavilion Slimline s7410n desktop computer

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