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HP Pavilion Slimline desktop computer

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It's a space-saver and has a sleek appearance!


In January, 2009, I bought my first desktop computer, the HP Pavilion Slimline s3700f PC. I was completely satisfied the minute I took it out of the box. It was incredibly simple to assemble, and all the wiring was color-coded, making my life even simpler! The software that comes installed on the computer works great! I use all of it, at least sometimes, and have never had a problem with any of it. When the computer is on, it runs extremely quietly, which cuts down on the noise coming from my home office. Also, it doesn't seem to let off too much heat, which definitely helps with climate control when I am back here working for a few hours! There are 2 USB ports on the front of the PC, making it easy to plug in other devices I have. The CD-drive is vertical, but the CDs and DVDs stay in, and the drive goes back in with ease. The programs run efficiently, and there is ample space to store anything your heart desires... whether it be pictures, movies or music!!

Barberton, OH


Great Product!


**We recieved this computer awhile back and it is an exceptional product for the money. It is fast and never has a moment of hesitation. It always brings up all windows in a timely matter depending on how big the document you may be opening or what kind of a program you may be opening. If you buy it with the flat screen monitor, keyboard, and mouse, it is a very nice package. The screen is slim and it is crystal clear. Shows pictures and videos very well. I enjoy all the programs that is comes with on the Vista software. A lot of people say they don't like the Vista software but I do not see any problem with it at all. This computer even comes with games loaded to it. They are more than your normal Microsoft games too. They are HP games that have good graphics, sound, adventure, and good challenges. It's an outstanding computer for the low price. I leave mine running 24/7 and have had no problems with it all. It has an internal fan to keep the dust and heat off all the fine components inside it's casing. Overall it is a very good computer and would recommend to anyone who has average uses for a computer.**

Cole Camp, MO


HP Pavilion Slimline PC is sleek


I've owned my HP Pavilion Slimline s3700f desktop computer for a little over two years now.  Overall, I have been pleased with it.  If you order it directly from HP, like I did, you get to choose your own specifications.  This is especially nice, because you only have to pay for the features you want and need. The body of the CPU is very nice.  It looks good sitting out on your desk and saves you a lot of space.  There's a card reader at the top, which works when it wants to (about half of the time).  I had a plastic directional antena put on the back to recieve my wireless internet connection, but it broke shortly after the warranty was up.  It still works; it just hangs down now. My big complaint about this machine comes from my friend who fixed it for me.  After a power surge at my house, the power supply was fried.  In a typical PC, this normally isn't a big deal to fix if you kow what you are doing.  However, in the slimline models you have to take everything out to replace the power supply (which is about a third the size of the CPU) and then put everything back in correctly.  I was told this was a pain in the rear, but doable.  I'd still buy another slimline model (in fact I did for my other PC.)

Charles Town, WV


HP Pavilion Slimline desktop computer

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