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HP Pavilion Slimline desktop computer

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Good small computer for the average user


Although this computer is a great value Windows Vista really slows things down. It comes with 1Gb of ram, but Vista takes up nearly 75% of that leaving you with far too little ram to do anything. I had to upgrade to 2Gb just to have a useable computer. Unfortuneately 2Gb is this computers max. Other than Vista, this computer is a great unit for the average user. The graphics card is powerful enough for anything a normal user (not gamer) will need. and with the built in Wifi I really like this unit

Panorama City, CA


I am happy with my hp Pavilion Slimline s7700n PC


My desktop is a HP Pavilion Slimline s7700n PC. The main reason I purchased it was because my printer went out on my old desktop and I was unable to find a new printer that was compatible with Windows 98 which is the system I had on my old desktop. My new desktop has proven to be a really good experience. There are applications on this one that I didn't have on my old one, such as a dvd burner and lightscribe, and it has a recovery system included that I don't have to have a separate disc for . For someone like me who had to teach myself everything I know about computers, this desktop is easy to work with. If I have any problems or questions, I can either go to HP support on line, chat with HP support or call them. I feel I have made a good decision selecting this system and I would recommend it to others. Overall, I am very happy with my HP Pavilion Slimline s7700n PC. My son even likes using my desktop better than his e-systems desktop.

Saint Petersburg, FL


I like it!!


The HP Pavilions Slimline n7700n PC is a great computer. It has a skinney tower so you can put it virtually anywhere with taking up a lot of space. It runs rather quickly as well. You wont need a big computer desk to put the tower, monitor, printer, speackers and webcam on. It fits on a small computer desk because it is so small. The size of the tower makes it harder to add extra ram and such but at the same time we all need more space dont we?? HP is a excellent brand of computer. They are reliable and not so exspensive and other brands. Plus you can count on the manufactorer to replace and defective parts on them. They always have online help in case you get stuck on something. Or you can just call their one eight hundred number for help. Plus when you buy and HP computer the company puts extra's on the computer like HP games and that kind of stuff. So you start out with somthing already on your computer to play with.

Pocahontas, AR


HP Pavilion Slimline desktop computer

4.3 3