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HP Pavilion Slimline S5260F desktop computer

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hp makes great computers


hi cowboyjoe here with another review.I have my first computer .It is a hp notebook.Windows7operating duo is a a good computer and i am not a geek,iamam challenged in this area but i like it.

Davenport, IA


The HP Pavilion Slimline S5260F, is incredible.


*I have had my HP Pavilion Slimline for a month. I am no stranger to PC's. I have played mmo games on them, used it for spreadsheets, typed formal kletters, basically alot f things. This PC goes way above any expectations that I could have for the price I paid.  It is fast, has the memory that I need. I had my Dell for 7 years so I do not a PC when they get a "new" kind. I tend to hang on to mine and take care of it. I actually sold my old Dell it is still working. So the way that this PC is working I see myself having it for, hmmm..maybe 10 years. I do do alot of surfing omnthe internet and have downloaded a virus by accident. As long as you take care of that virus you will be okay. This PC is also very easy to operate. There is alot of information on the HP websire if you get stuck. They also have great customer service if you  have to call. If you do not abuse your surfing that can bring alot of stuff you don't want this PC will get the job done. Has a nice video card and I have been playing EQ2 on it and that is a high graphic game. It has a front slot for your memory cards, ie camera ect. Loads fast and the installed programs are easy to run. If they had this same PC in 10 I will buy it. I like it that ,much and would highly recommend it to friends and family.*

Reno, NV


HP Pavilion Slimline S5260F desktop computer

4.5 2