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HP Pavilion Notebook PC

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my only laptop ive ever had but never found one as good as it


i ve never seen or owned a better product from hp! the customer service is really bad though. the only real problem i ve ever had with the thing is when it practically died but all i did to fix it was reinstall windows and its worked fine since so i think windows got corrupt or something. i ve never even replaced the battery because of the recall. i do keep it charging all the time though. it has a very nice keyboard easy to use. and it does allow for easy turn off of the mouse pad and wireless. it even lets you know when caps lock is on! on the quickie panel thing there is a link to their media system called quickplay and a link straight to the dvd area of quickplay. there is also a fast forward button a reverse button a play/pause button and a stop button. in regards to sound it has a no sounds button and a volume control slide. well they are not really buttons they are touch panels. it has pretty good speakers. not only does it have a decent webcam it also has a mic. did forget to mention it comes with a remote. it has two headphone jacks and a mic jack. even a sd card reader. mot to mention the fire wire port. it has 2 usb1.0s and a usb2.0 port. a screen port is there. a lan wire slot. an s video slot. an hdmi slot. and a dvd/cdrom reader/burner. don t forget it was rated best of the best of 2006 by Mobile solutions for business and life. incase you can t tell i really love this laptop! Ease of Use i love the quick little entertainment panel i really wish hp would make another one with it. Battery Life lasts bout 1-1.5 hours Support & Service its hp come on u really expect good service?




This is an ok product.


I have received my HP laptop about a year ago when my father bought him a new one. At first he had XP on it but then i reset it back to factory default (Which is vista). This was a mistake. Almost right off i didn't like vista. After messing with it for a while i put XP back on it. I put XP back on it about 9 months ago and had it on ever sense. Overall this is an ok laptop, but it has A LOT of bugs. The graphics card does not seem to work properly with the other hardware. When running games it has a very low fps rate and cannot handle very high resolution like higher than 800 x 600 res. Also sometimes it will run programs a little slow and freeze too. The hard drive is good size for a laptop. It is a giant 250 gigs and the laptop originally came with 2 gigs of ram but, i added another gig of ram. Windows will not run with 4 gigs of ram though. The screen is the average 15.4 in. It has a touch pad mouse and heat sensitive buttons above the keyboard that control the volume, music, and dvds. The product all together is ok but, if there was one thing i could change is the graphics card.


Terrell, TX


Good machine


Have had this laptop for a year now, and would buy it again. Had to replace the keyboard and the DVD drive in the first few months, but it went pretty fast with HP sending me a mailer to use in returning it. Performance has been good for editing music and photos. Burns DVDs fine, if a little slow. Liked it well enough to buy one for my wife, and she has had no problems.  


Mundelein, IL


The HP Pavilion dv6700 is a fantasic machine!


This is my second HP Pavilion.  The 6700 has a larger and brighter screen than my older 6400 (I still use them both).  The screen is easier to read but the Pavilion is still really light.  I set it up with a docking station, full size keyboard roller ball and over sized monitor.  The graphics capability is awsome!  Movies are just like they are on television!  I use my Pavilion dv 6700 for listening to music, sports and televison programs.  The Pavilion has Altec Lansing speakers built in that really knock your socks off. Even though I use a full size keyboard when my dv 6700 is hooked to my docking station, the built in keyboard is plenty big for most applications.  The full size key board allows me to sit back and relax when I am at my desk.  The oversize screen allows me to read my word processing documents and spreadsheets with ease without getting right on top of the screen.  The other periherals work well also but most of the time they are out of site, out of mind.  The hard drive is really fast.  The wireless system has been running flawlessly.  I stll haven't warmed up to Window's VISTA, but you really can't blame the operating system on the Pavillon dv 6700.


Slidell, LA


HP laptop: Love and hate


I have very mixed feelings about this machine, my second laptop. Since buying it, I have experienced some really absurd problems that caused no small amount of frustration, problems that I never experienced with my old machine. First the power adapter plug broke, and I was without a computer for weeks at a time (they didn't fix it the first time). The quickplay shortcut buttons have broken, so sometimes I'll have the popup volume window take over my screen for no reason whatsoever and refuse to move (I've only recently figured out how to close it). Then there was the problem of my MAC address refusing to update which is apparently impossible- that resulted in hours upon hours of talking with customer service reps. Also, I feel that the screen doesn't get bright enough- it's hard to see the screen when using outdoors. On a more positive note, I've had it for almost three years and it's still runing well. I haven't experienced the slowness that you get with older machines (though this probably has something to do with all the manual resets I did trying to fix the MAC address problem, but whatever). I'm not planning on replacing it anytime soon, but when I do, I probably won't be buying HP again.


Mount Vernon, NY


HP Pavilion - Great Computer


I purchased this computer 2 years ago and up to this date i have not had any problems with it.  Lets see.... The Memory is great- lots of memory.  It never seems to struggle to keep up with what i am doing whether i am online or playing a video game.  The screen is large enough to play video games as well as watch movies through my Netflix account.  The Speakers are a bit on the crappy side but what do you expect from a lap top computer,  The USB ports are fine and we have purchased the bar that you can plug it into to hook up a mouse and other peripheral items and it connects to our printer quickly.  We have had no problems with connectivity to the internet or the router and it works great when connecting when i am at work.  It is a bit big to be lugging around to a bunch of places but we expected that because it is a 17" screen.  You also can not use it outdoors because there is to much of a glare.  The Keyboard works nicely and there is no clicking when you type. Our battery does not last long that is the only con in my opinion. 


Greensboro, NC


Good overall laptop


I have owned this laptop for about three years now. I am happy to have this, durable (yes I've dropped it a few times). I love the features it presents when it comes to watching movies. You have one touch buttons to use when listening to music on window media player. You can control the volume with a one touch button as well. Screen size works well for the adverage person who wants a laptop. Processing speed is good for my liking, image and video quality is very good in my opinion. Comes with a webcam and microphone which was great for me since I use skype alot to communicate with friends. The graphics card it enjoyable to me since I can watch hd videos very clearly and it doesn't take long to load hd videos either. The computer is big in size but it works for me since I have big hands. Overall I can not complain about this laptop. It helps you set up wireless internet step by step, easy to manage internet options when trying to use the internet wirelessly.


Atlanta, GA


Decent laptop for a good price


My main pet peeve about HP's line of laptops is that they overheat massively, enough to fry an egg. The DV6000 is no different. I've been having to use a cooling fan for the past 2 years or else I'd seriously end up with 3rd degree burns from typing this review. The laptop is relatively inexpensive and good for people under tighter budgets. I love the screen's added depth from the gloss, but the keyboard wears down too easily--half of the keys on my keyboard are now worn down. However, given the price, one can't but expect these types of problems to emerge. The laptop design is throroughly pleasant--the touchscreen media controls are nifty, circa 2007, but still manage to hold its own against newer laptops. Also, the laptop external shell is very scratch-resistant, since it's made from the same material as car paint. Aside from the overheating and terrible battery life (my battery is kaput), this laptop is decent.


Los Angeles, CA


I can't go a day without my HP Laptop


I think HP makes a pretty good laptop. I've had this laptop for about a year and overall i don't really have to many complaints about it, my only complaint is that i had to bring it in one for my ctrl keys that stopped working so it was unexpected that it hadn't even been a full year and i already had to bring it in for repair the upside is that it was all under warrenty and i didn't pay a cent unfortunatly i was without my laptop for about a month just for them to replace two keys:( another problem that i've had is with the touch portion that is at the top where you put on your audio, it sometimes freezes up my computer sometimes so thats a pain. other than that those were my two complaints everything else has been fine. Quality of the screen is good its wide screen and i can watch any movie on it with clear and precise picture i my computer for pretty much everything but most importantly for school all those endless notes that i have written this computer was perfect for me. The battery stays charged pretty long although for my longer clases i bring my plug just in case.  


Apo, AE


A good basic laptop...


We purchased the HP Pavilion dv6700 as a replacement for my husband's laptop, as its battery life was obsolete. It ended up becoming mine instead, as going to a separate room every time I needed to use the computer just wasn't feasible with a newborn in the house. I would not suggest it for a heavy gamer, as it absolutely refused to run Neverwinter Nights 2 smoothly (even though it was above the minimum system requirements). Other than that one complaint, this laptop was fairly good. It has a tendency to get hot, especially the power supply, but I was running it all day, every day, and it never really got a break. Around 2 years old it pretty much died on me. It still runs, but loading anything takes forever and if you check the devices, several things are on alert and no longer running. It does the basic stuff well (internet, record keeping, etc), wireless connection is great, screen resolution is clear. I would recommend it, but advise you not abuse it like I did. Make sure to give it a break and shut it down once in a while, it will probably last longer that way.


Wrightstown, NJ


HP Pavilion Notebook PC

4.1 16